Winter getaway cosmetics: what to pack in your travel bag

Winter sunPlanning to jet off for sand, sun and sea, or perhaps for some skiing this season? If you’re lucky enough to be taking some time off over the next month or so, no doubt you’ll already be planning your outfits – but don’t forget to consider your choice of makeup and cosmetics, too! Even when we only spend a few nights away, there’s never quite enough room in the suitcase – and then we have to decide what to take in our hand luggage, too! If you don’t know what to pack in your travel bag, we’re here to help…

Sunscreen and tanning

Here’s where you should always start. Sun protection is just as important for holidays in the snow as it is on the beach and by the pool. Consider taking SPF makeup, too. If you’re headed somewhere warm, you’ll probably want to top up your tan before you go! We’re eternally grateful that good quality self-tanning products exist – and you can grab them for a steal through the Direct Cosmetics store.

For the slopes

If you’re heading somewhere even chillier than the UK for your winter getaway, you’ll need to stock up products that keep dry skin at bay. Take along a moisturising lip balm, preferably with SPF, plus some rich moisturiser and night cream.

…and for the sea

If you’re heading somewhere with a little more heat and humidity, don’t forget to take along some makeup that’ll prevent your skin from appearing too oily. That means face powder. Only take a light moisturiser with you.

Travel products

If you’re facing a long flight or are trying to make do with hand luggage alone, taking makeup can be difficult. Even mascara and liquid foundations need to placed in your clear plastic bag, and you must have less than 100ml of each for the flight. You can’t take more than one clear plastic bag, and these tend to have a capacity of about a litre, so be selective. Travel products are usually the best solution to this space problem, and you may want to take along a travel set of brushes to further save on space.

Versatile essentials

We all tend to pack way more clothes and cosmetics than we need to when we go on holiday. This time, why not try to leave plenty of space in your suitcase for presents and souvenirs by only taking the essentials? Take the basics: primer, foundation, concealer, eyeliner and mascara, plus your favourite lippy.

Wherever you’re off to over the next couple of months, have a fantastic time! Remember to top up your makeup stash before you head off, and perhaps treat yourself to a new fragrance for the occasion! Visit the Direct Cosmetics store for all the latest offers on top makeup brands – keep checking back for more!



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