Four show-stopping makeup ideas for New Year’s Eve

Beautiful girl in a white wig, with gold makeup and nails. Celebratory image. Beauty face

The biggest night of partying of the year is almost upon us! No doubt you’ve sorted your party plans and your outfit already – maybe those heels are already waiting by the front door…

However, there’s one part of your New Year’s Eve outfit that you may well leave to the last minute – your makeup! The right lipstick and liner combination can set off your outfit and leave a show-stopping impression. If you want to try something a little different to your standard makeup choice for a night out, read on for some makeup inspiration for New Year’s Eve!

All-out glitter

Glitter makeup is always a bold choice, but New Year’s Eve is the ideal night to embrace the sparkle! Whether you’re wearing a glittery dress and just want to up the sparkle, or you want to contrast your favourite LBD with something a little more playful, glittery makeup can do the job. Your goal should be to avoid the dreaded shimmery metallic eyeshadow that we slathered across our eyelids in the ‘90s. Instead, pair a muted lip colour with bold glitter eyeliner in a shade that sets off your eyes or matches your dress. Balance the colour with some darker liner under your eye. Alternatively, combine glitter eyeshadow with an ombre look, with the lighter glitter colour at the inner corner of your lid gradually fading out to darker shades. Gold and silver are always popular choices, but you may wish to give a final nod to festivities with a bright green or red.


Neon colours were big on the catwalk this year – not in the form of clothes, but makeup! Some makeup artists even used strips of leather as eyeliner to achieve an incredibly bold effect. It might be a little OTT to start tearing apart your colourful handbags to achieve the same finish, however! Instead, top up on white eyeshadow and be sure to use it underneath your chosen neon shades. Bright pink, yellow, orange and blue are the basic colours you’ll want to experiment with. You can be as subtle or wacky as you like. Dab a burst of colour at the inner corner of your eye and pair with your favourite black eyeliner. Or, use two contrasting neon colours, one for your upper lid and one for your lower lid – don’t forget to use darker liner too, to help you define a wing. If you’re feeling very adventurous you could go for a neon gradient look all around your eyes. Otherwise, give your lips some love with a bright pink, purple or orange lipstick – you’ll definitely want to pair this with muted eyes with little to no colour.

‘Effortless’ glamour

This look is all about the perfect base. Use foundation, concealer, bronzer, powder and whatever else you need for flawless skin. You’re after a classic glamorous finish – classy but effortless. Pay attention to your brows – use colour to give them more definition if you need to. Be generous with mascara, and pair your eyeliner with a subtle hint of colour – we like golds or plums. Now, treat your lips to some classic red lipstick in your favourite, most flattering shade. When done well, the glamour of red lipstick will always turn heads and net you compliments!

Winter blues

Give a nod to winter’s colours by taking a more subtle but no less stunning route with your makeup. Blues, whites and silvers can be combined to create some incredible looks that put Elsa to shame! We love this frosty blue eyeshadow ‘winter wonderland’ makeup with shimmering white and silver on the inner eye giving way to a bold royal blue. Frosted blue lips are probably a bit too much for most of us, so keep the wintry colours to your eyelids. Blues and silvers work great with pink berry lips, or you could opt for nude lips if you want all the focus to be on your eyes.

So, what will you be wearing for New Year’s Eve? If the party season leaves you short of your favourite show-stopping cosmetics, top up your supplies with a visit to the Direct Cosmetics webstore and find leading brands at unbeatable prices.



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