Six tips for buying makeup on a budget

makeup2We can’t all afford to pay full whack for makeup from leading brands like Chanel, Dior and co., but that doesn’t mean makeup addicts like us should have to settle for poor quality products that don’t break the bank. It takes a little more work to find and buy luxury cosmetics if your budget is £20 a month rather than £200, but it can still be done! In the run up to Christmas we’re all feeling the pinch – so your makeup budget may be compromised. Before you rush down to your local supermarket and grab the cheapest liner and lippy available, check out our tips to help you find high quality makeup at affordable prices.

#1 Budget and stick to it!

Each month, set aside some money to spend on restocking your everyday cosmetics. At the end of the month, use any leftovers from your budget to treat yourself to something, such as a new lipstick shade from your favourite brand or maybe a perfume that you’ve been meaning to try. If you tend to impulse buy cosmetics (don’t we all?!), then try to start using this simple rule: wait at least 24 hours after first spotting the product before deciding whether or not to buy it. When a day has passed, you can look at the product in a much more measured way, and may decide to pass on it. Staying within budget may sound boring but it can be surprisingly satisfying!

#2 Pay attention to clearance sales

Clearance sales sometimes have a bad rep – they could be full of the useless and unwanted products that no-one would buy at full price. However, look closely at end-of-season sales and other clearances. Often they’re taking place just to make way for new product lines on the shelves or in the warehouse, so take full advantage of them! Online clearance sales in particular offer a fantastic opportunity to grab some high quality products for practically a steal. Remember: know what you’re after when you’re sifting through a clearance sale – don’t be tempted to buy products you don’t need or want just because they’re half price!

#3 Shop around

Instead of heading to your favourite high street beauty store every month on pay day, take a look at what the competition has to offer, not just on the high street, but online, too. On most products you should be able to secure a 10-25% saving simply by searching for the best deals.

#4 Find affordable, good quality brands

Yes, they’re really out there! Search the net for reviews, blog articles and ratings for cheaper brands that you might not have tried yet. Plenty of brands offer much better value for money than top tier cosmetics, offering products of similar quality for a lower price – it’s just a case of doing your research and finding those hidden gems.

#5 Choose versatile products

By versatile, we don’t only mean multi-use products like lip and cheek stains or improvising by using eyeshadow as eyeliner. We’re also talking about lipstick shades that are suitable for the office and also for a night out. We mean switching to tinted moisturiser instead of using two or three makeup products in its place. By limiting the number of products you use on a weekly basis you can soon cut down on the cost of cosmetics.

#6 Put cosmetics on your Christmas list!

Produce a comprehensive list of your preferred brands and products and quietly hint to your friends and family members that you’d sincerely appreciate it if they treated you for Christmas…

Do you have any other tips for buying top brand cosmetics on a tight budget? Share them in the comments below! And if you want to buy some beauty gifts this Christmas, pay a visit to Direct Cosmetics’ online Christmas beauty store.



3 comments on “Six tips for buying makeup on a budget

  1. SweetJ says:

    Excellent advice. Thanks for sharing! For #4 would you recommend any brands in particular?

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