Five beauty hacks that don’t really work

Beauty secretsLife hacks: those nifty little tricks that save us time, money and help us solve minor problems in our lives. There are plenty of genuine beauty life hacks that we wonder how we ever lived without, but for every neat trick there are five other beauty hacks that are just plain useless – or even dangerous. Don’t believe everything you read on Pinterest – here are just a handful of supposed ‘beauty life hacks’ that you’d be better off avoiding altogether…

#1 Lemon juice and other replacement exfoliators

Skincare products can be expensive – unless you shop with us. Surely the ultimate beauty hack is to discover that you don’t need to use them at all? What if you could replace them with everyday food cupboard items? Well, you might well have tried it. Lemon juice, bicarbonate of soda and sugar have all been suggested as ‘natural’, affordable alternatives to skincare products. However, you should think twice before you start using these products regularly on your skin. Lemon juice has a pH of around 2 – in other words, it’s highly acidic – far more acidic than your skin’s natural pH of around 5 to 5.5. Lemon juice also increases your skin’s photo sensitivity, meaning that the sun will cause more damage to your skin that it normally would.

Bicarbonate of soda is alkaline – that means that it alters the pH of your skin and damages its protective layer. Sugar is also a big no-no, as its jagged crystals will irritate and harm your skin.

#2 Using hairspray to set makeup

Setting sprays are sometimes viewed as a bit of a luxury, but in the summer they can be lifesavers! If you don’t want to shell out on setting spray, hair spray will do the job, right?

Wrong. The fact is, hairspray usually has a vastly different composition to makeup setting spray. Hairsprays contain little to no water and form a strong, rigid hold, whereas a setting spray provides a lighter, uniform film. Hairspray has plenty of alcohol in it, which is usually fine for your hair but dries out skin, where it evaporates quickly and dissolves your skin’s natural oils. Additionally, hairspray isn’t designed to be used on your skin, so it contains many components which irritate it and clog your pores.

#3 Mixing sunscreen with moisturiser or foundation

We all know that wearing sunscreen every day is great for our skin, but sometimes it isn’t cheap, and it’s a hassle to apply under your moisturiser and makeup every day. Saving yourself a minute or two each day by concocting a mix of sunscreen and moisturiser may seem like a great beauty hack, but there is a rather major downside.

Adding anything to sunscreen dilutes its sun-protecting properties. When you’re mixing products yourself, it’s very difficult to know how long your hybrid product will protect you for.

#4 Using deodorant on your t-zone

Many women swear by this money-saving life hack. It’s simple: apply deodorant onto your t-zone to stop oil messing up your makeup. Sounds effective, doesn’t it? Unfortunately, this is another instance of a product not being designed for its new purpose. Antiperspirants stop sweat, not oil. Also, if you have sensitive skin the anti-precipitant could quickly irritate it – your face is far more delicate than your armpits!

#5 Spot-busting toothpaste

It’s perhaps the oldest beauty trick in the book: applying toothpaste onto pimples to dry them out in just a few hours. Well, it does work. Toothpaste has anti-bacterial properties and can absorb plenty oil, so it’ll make spots look far less angry if you apply it directly to spots. However, bear in mind that toothpaste is designed to clean tooth enamel, the hardest substance in the human body. Your skin is far more sensitive than that. Many ingredients in your toothpaste may cause your skin to react, and frequent use will dry out your skin. Overall, use this beauty hack sparingly – and certainly don’t rely on it as the answer to chronic acne problems.

Finding the right skincare products and cosmetics for you can be tough. Everyone’s skin is different, and there’s certainly no beauty product which is right for everyone. Trying out different beauty brands doesn’t have to be expensive. Search the Direct Cosmetics Webstore to find top brand beauty products at fabulously low prices!

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