Four show-stopping makeup ideas for New Year’s Eve

Beautiful girl in a white wig, with gold makeup and nails. Celebratory image. Beauty face

The biggest night of partying of the year is almost upon us! No doubt you’ve sorted your party plans and your outfit already – maybe those heels are already waiting by the front door…

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Six tips for buying makeup on a budget

makeup2We can’t all afford to pay full whack for makeup from leading brands like Chanel, Dior and co., but that doesn’t mean makeup addicts like us should have to settle for poor quality products that don’t break the bank. It takes a little more work to find and buy luxury cosmetics if your budget is £20 a month rather than £200, but it can still be done! In the run up to Christmas we’re all feeling the pinch – so your makeup budget may be compromised. Before you rush down to your local supermarket and grab the cheapest liner and lippy available, check out our tips to help you find high quality makeup at affordable prices.

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Five beauty hacks that don’t really work

Beauty secretsLife hacks: those nifty little tricks that save us time, money and help us solve minor problems in our lives. There are plenty of genuine beauty life hacks that we wonder how we ever lived without, but for every neat trick there are five other beauty hacks that are just plain useless – or even dangerous. Don’t believe everything you read on Pinterest – here are just a handful of supposed ‘beauty life hacks’ that you’d be better off avoiding altogether… Continue reading