A beginner’s guide to eyeliner types

eyelinerIf you’re a newcomer to the world of makeup, the sheer number and variety of cosmetic products can be overwhelming. Finding the right foundation for you can take a dozen attempts, and you’ll spend many an hour browsing the lipstick on the Direct Cosmetics webstore to search for your perfect shade. At first, eyeliner may seem much easier to get to grips with – most of us will be after the same basic colours – but as a beginner you’ll need to understand which type of eyeliner works for you. Eyeliner is one of the most powerful tools in your makeup bag – learn the basics and start to master it!


Pencil eyeliner is usually where most people start. It either comes in the form of a retractable ‘pen’ or a pencil (that you can sharpen), and you’ll find it in almost every shade you can imagine. If you’re a complete eyeliner newbie, pencils are a good place to begin as they’re relatively easy to apply. Their texture means they’re suited to smudging – perfect if you’re after a smoky eyes, and they’re the best eyeliner to use on your waterline, too. However, unless you sharpen your eyeliner pencils religiously, you won’t be able to achieve a sharp, super-narrow line.


The other type of eyeliner you’ll probably know about is liquid eyeliner. These eyeliners come in a bottle with an applicator shaped as a narrow-tipped brush. Liquid eyeliner is a challenge to learn. It takes plenty of practice and a steady hand to achieve the perfect wing with this type of liner, but its long lasting, bold results mean it’s a popular choice with makeup addicts. Liquid eyeliner is best if you like your liner to be precise and neat – it’s not good for smudging and shouldn’t be applied to your waterline.


Gel eyeliner has only come to the high street (and Direct Cosmetics) relatively recently, but this third type of eyeliner is gaining new fans every minute! Gel (or cream) eyeliner comes in a small pot, often with an applicator (or you can use a separate brush). Its texture means that it applies in a similarly precise way to liquid eyeliner, but it tends to be more forgiving. Gel eyeliner is usually long-lasting. However, it tends to have much less of a colour range than liquid or pencil eyeliners.

Overall, the right eyeliner for you will depend almost entirely on the type of application you’re after. As you fill up your makeup bag, you may well find that you’ll stock up on two or three different types of eyeliner so you have the right tool for every job. If you’re a total novice, pencil eyeliner is definitely the best place to start. Once you’re confident with pencil eyeliner, try branching out into gel or liquid.

If you’d like to experiment with different eyeliners, the Direct Cosmetics webstore is the ideal place to start. Search dozens of different cosmetics brands to find the best deals on eyeliner. Try out luxury brands for great prices – and keep checking back to take advantage of our latest offers!



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