A beginner’s guide to eyeliner types

eyelinerIf you’re a newcomer to the world of makeup, the sheer number and variety of cosmetic products can be overwhelming. Finding the right foundation for you can take a dozen attempts, and you’ll spend many an hour browsing the lipstick on the Direct Cosmetics webstore to search for your perfect shade. At first, eyeliner may seem much easier to get to grips with – most of us will be after the same basic colours – but as a beginner you’ll need to understand which type of eyeliner works for you. Eyeliner is one of the most powerful tools in your makeup bag – learn the basics and start to master it! Continue reading


Top beauty gift ideas for Christmas 2015

Christmas shopping season is well underway! Here at Direct Cosmetics we’ve been tidying the shelves and dusting the displays of our online store and made plenty of space for Christmas beauty gifts! With so many fragrances, skincare products and high-end cosmetics available at such tempting prices, you may find it difficult to choose between them. Today we pick out some of our favourite beauty gift ideas for Christmas 2015 – perhaps we’ll help you find the perfect gifts for your family and friends!

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Ten quick tips for healthier hair

Stop curls from droppingThe right hair products will work wonders for your hair. Who knows how many different brands of shampoo and conditioner we had to try before finding the right one! If you’re after Cheryl’s shine or Angelina Jolie’s healthy, lengthy locks, great products aren’t all you need. We can all make small changes to our haircare routines and lifestyles to revitalise our hair. Luckily, most of these adjustments will cost you nothing – and might even save you a few pennies to put towards Christmas prezzies.

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