Be an early bird: 7 reasons to start grabbing Christmas beauty gifts now!


When do you usually start your Christmas shopping? Are you the organised type who starts snapping up next year’s gifts in the Boxing Day sales, or do you prefer to leave it all for a traditional Christmas Eve shopping spree? Will this year be the year that you say you’ll start shopping before the rush and finally stay true to your word? While Christmas can seem distant until December rolls around, there are plenty of great reasons to start gift-buying early. And if you don’t have time to spend next Saturday on the high street, that’s no excuse! Online shopping is the answer. Here are seven reasons you should get started today…

#1 Grab last season’s bargains

If you start shopping soon, you might be lucky enough to find some of last season’s products. If you’re looking to buy clothes or beauty products, this advice is particularly valuable! Want to know what you could save on last season’s products? Take a peek at our latest offers for a taster.

#2 The early bird catches the worm!

Every beauty aficionado will know that each season a handful of products become ‘must haves’ and vanish from the shelves. This year, don’t miss out on your chance to treat your friends to the best beauty buys of the Christmas season!

#3 Money management

The average Brit spends almost £350 each year on Christmas gifts – that’s a helluva lot of extra cash to find from your November pay cheque! By spreading your spend over two or three months, you’re much less likely to hit your overdraft limit by the big day. This might be the most boring reason to start your shop early, but you’ll be thankful you took this approach in the final stretch before December pay day!

#4 Extra inspiration time

We all have a couple of friends and family members who are almost impossible to buy for. Instead of resorting to another box of choccies, use the months leading up to Christmas to start searching for inspiration! We like to keep a list on our smartphone for this purpose, so when gift-inspiration (giftspiration?) strikes we can note it down then and there. The longer you have for these light-bulb moments to emerge, the better the chance you’ll think of a great gift idea!

#5 Find the best offersIf you leave yourself only a couple of weeks to complete Christmas shopping, you may not have the time to search for the best deals. It’s not mean to seek bargains when buying gifts, especially when you’ve already decided what you’re looking for and just want to find out where its cheapest! Early Christmas present prep means you have more time to find the best price for your presents and stops you from being short-changed.

#6 Avoid delivery delays

If you’re reading this blog, chances are you’ve shopped with Direct Cosmetics before! We’re obviously fans of online shopping, but we know there’s one time of the year where it can seem a little risky: just before Christmas. Even after putting thousands of extra staff on, couriers and delivery companies might struggle to keep up their usual timings just in the Christmas rush. Ordering just a couple of weeks earlier than usual means you’ll avoid these problems – and no one will be opening their prezzies late.

#7 Last minute extras

It’s a nightmare scenario: you’ve just wrapped the presents, but suddenly realise that you’ve missed a friend off your list! You’re left with a last minute dash to the shops on Christmas Eve and have to buy your friend a gift that’s not as fabulous as it might have been. Be smarter this year – aim to get your shopping done early so you have at least a week to search for any extra gifts.

If we’ve won you over and you think your friends and family might like some beauty gifts this Christmas, visit the Direct Cosmetics webstore for amazing deals on everything from foundation to fragrances.



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