Autumn makeup bag refresh: what should stay and what should go?

Autumn makeup bag refresh: what should stay and what should go?It seems only a few weeks ago that we were discussing spring-cleaning our makeup bags, but in fact it’s been six months! Now that the summer months are over, it’s time to give our makeup collection another refresh – not only to keep it clean and tidy but also to make space for some fantastic on-trend autumn cosmetics. Here’s our quick step-by-step guide to preparing your makeup collection for the new season.

#1: Empty your makeup bag (and survey the damage) – Don’t just make a half-hearted attempt of clearing out your top layer of cosmetics – dump the whole lot out of your bag to see the full extent of the situation. No doubt you’ll rediscover some cosmetics that you had completely forgotten about! Also check the state of the interior of the bag – is it time it had a wash?

#2: Clean or replace – Check your makeup bag for a washing label. Give it a spin in the washing machine or carefully hand wash it. If you want to be extra cautious, use a damp sponge and a tiny amount of surgical spirit to kill off any nasty bacteria. If your makeup bag looks beyond redemption, it might be time to replace it.

#3: Bin useless cosmetics – Any out-of-date, damaged, dried-up or weird-smelling cosmetics need to go straight into the bin. Check products for stickers that show how long they’re good for after opening. Any old cosmetics are likely to be laced with bacteria, if they even still work at all. You need to be particularly careful about liquid cosmetics such as mascara and foundation. Mascara should ideally be replaced every three to six months.

#4: Bin or Sell products that you won’t use – It seemed such a great idea to buy that bright orange lipstick, but you’ve only found a single opportunity to wear it so far this year. With summer disappearing over the horizon, chances are you won’t wear it until next year – if you wear it again at all. Be ruthless – bin products you know you won’t use. In addition, if you find unopened products that you’ve forgotten about and no longer expect to use, sell them to your friends, or online.

#5: Wash brushes – All makeup addicts know to wash their brushes every week (or even after every use), but all of us have a caked old brush at the bottom of our makeup bag that could really do with some TLC. Give them a good clean with shampoo – only a couple of drops per brush.

#6: Check your staples- After all that binning, are you short of any staples? Make a list of what you’re short of. Foundation? Concealer? Black and brown mascara and eyeliner? What about lip balm and your go-to lipstick shade?

#7: Update! – Here comes the fun part: updating your makeup bag so that it covers this season’s trends and gives you plenty of opportunity to add new looks to your repertoire. Decide on your budget, and start shopping! This season we’d recommend stocking up on metallics, and as it’s autumn don’t forget to add some more autumnal colours to your makeup bag. On your shortlist should be red and plump eyeshadows to help you perfect an autumnal ombré eye look, and also berry lipstick

If you’re concerned that your budget won’t allow for a makeup refresh as drastic as this, take a look at our latest offers and find a great deal on autumn essentials.

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