Autumn beauty routine: adding colour

Autumn makeup

Summer may be over but that’s no reason to abandon colourful cosmetics. With autumn comes a whole new set of colours to incorporate in your beauty routine. At Direct Cosmetics you will find big brand cosmetics at bargain prices – the perfect place to stock up on your autumnal cosmetic essentials. What are our favourite ways to add colour to an autumn beauty routine? Read on to find out…

#1: Nails

We think that olive green nails look great no matter what your skin tone. Embrace autumnal greens, oranges, and browns to start off a look of understated elegance. Don’t be afraid to add a hint of metallic shimmer to your nails this autumn, either!

 #2: Hair

Rich, red hair has recently found popularity with a number of celebrities. Scarlett Johansson is perhaps the trend’s most well known supporter – she dyed her hair a deep auburn for her role as Black Widow in The Avengers. We suggest a more coppery tone for fairer skin, auburn for olive skin and rich mahogany for dark skin. If you feel that dying all of your hair is a little extreme, then rich highlights of the same colours will have a similar effect.

 #3: Eyes

Your eyes are an area that you might like to focus on this autumn. Eye makeup has the unique ability to transform a face in an instant. Firstly, eyeshadow: metallic eyeshadow is on trend this season. The most autumnal of all the metallic shades is bronze. While it is subtler than many shades, remember to apply it in moderation. If bronze is a little too mainstream for you then there are other autumnal-coloured eyeshadows – such as rusty oranges and earthy greens – that can be used instead. So long as these are used in careful consideration of the rest of your makeup and outfit then the effect can be stunning. Secondly, colourful mascara is also a real option in autumn – while being conscious of your skin tone, mascara in colours such as deep plum can work really well with an autumnal look. Finally, we know this feature is meant to be about colour, but black eyeliner never goes out of fashion! Use it to draw attention to your eyes where it will accentuate your earthy choice of eyeshadow and your rich-coloured mascara.

 #4: Cheeks

Now is the time to switch from your customary blusher to one of a warmer hue. It should be subtle, soft and natural in appearance.

 #5: Lips

Similarly to eye makeup, do not underestimate the power of lips and lipstick to completely transform your appearance. This autumn, we highly recommend trying berry, plum or red wine-coloured lips. Like any bold colours, however, this should only be attempted given consideration of the rest of your makeup.

 A stunning autumn look awaits the person who can tastefully make use of some or all of these five tips. Why not head over to our website now, where you will find all the cosmetics products that you need this autumn at bargain prices?


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