Be an early bird: 7 reasons to start grabbing Christmas beauty gifts now!


When do you usually start your Christmas shopping? Are you the organised type who starts snapping up next year’s gifts in the Boxing Day sales, or do you prefer to leave it all for a traditional Christmas Eve shopping spree? Will this year be the year that you say you’ll start shopping before the rush and finally stay true to your word? While Christmas can seem distant until December rolls around, there are plenty of great reasons to start gift-buying early. And if you don’t have time to spend next Saturday on the high street, that’s no excuse! Online shopping is the answer. Here are seven reasons you should get started today…

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Autumn makeup bag refresh: what should stay and what should go?

Autumn makeup bag refresh: what should stay and what should go?It seems only a few weeks ago that we were discussing spring-cleaning our makeup bags, but in fact it’s been six months! Now that the summer months are over, it’s time to give our makeup collection another refresh – not only to keep it clean and tidy but also to make space for some fantastic on-trend autumn cosmetics. Here’s our quick step-by-step guide to preparing your makeup collection for the new season.

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Autumn beauty routine: adding colour

Autumn makeup

Summer may be over but that’s no reason to abandon colourful cosmetics. With autumn comes a whole new set of colours to incorporate in your beauty routine. At Direct Cosmetics you will find big brand cosmetics at bargain prices – the perfect place to stock up on your autumnal cosmetic essentials. What are our favourite ways to add colour to an autumn beauty routine? Read on to find out…

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