Ten lipstick tips and tricks for the perfect pout

LipstickAfter a couple of seasons of quiet lips on the catwalk, lipstick has well and truly returned! Kylie Jenner’s bold, plumped lips have been the subject of endless Instagram and Twitter trends, while celebs such as Taylor Swift and Emma Stone have embraced the classic red lip as their trademark look. But as we all know, it’s a lot more difficult to achieve the perfect pout than these celebs make it look! If you’d like to step up your lipstick game this summer, take a look at these handy lipstick tips and trick.

#1 A shade or two darker

If you’re struggling to find the right lipstick shade for your skin tone, a good rule of thumb is to opt for lippy that’s a shade or two darker than your natural lip colour. This gives you a subtle, flattering look that’s perfect if you’re just starting to explore the wonderful world of lippy and want a simple and effective everyday look.

#2 Choose undertones carefully

Orange and brown lipstick shades can sometimes give the impression that your teeth have a yellowness to them! Conversely, plums, pinks and violets with blue undertones will make your teeth appear whiter. It’s also a great idea to match the undertones of your lippy with the undertone of your skin.

#3 Test out a lip brush

While most women still apply straight from the stick, if you’re after a longer lasting, more precise application method, a lip brush is the tool you need. They’re also perfect for blending.

#4 Making it last

As we all know, lip gloss doesn’t like to stick around for more than a few hours! Lip liner can be your secret weapon in this situation. Use a neutral shade or clear lip liner to cover your lips and apply gloss or lipstick over the top.

#5 The eye-lip balance

It’s makeup 101, but we’re all occasionally guilty of pairing a bolder lip with even bolder eyes! If you’re going all out with a bright and bold lipstick, keep your eye makeup subtle and simple to keep your look sophisticated.

#6 Prep

Treat your lips as well as you treat the rest of your skin! Be sure to wash all makeup off your lips before you head to bed, and moisturise and prime your lips before applying lipstick.

#7 Plump lips

Poorly chosen and applied lip liner is an unwelcome throwback to the ‘90s, but if you use it correctly it’s the pathway to fuller lips. Clear lip liners are particularly useful, as they work with every lipstick shade – preventing feathering and ensuring your lippy stays in place. Pair lip liner with a hint of gloss at the centre of your bottom lip and smack your lips together to give the illusion of even plumper lips!

#8 Lipstick on teeth

Nothing ruins red lipstick more than when it ends up on your teeth! To prevent this from happening, there’s a simple way you remove any excess lippy. Simply make an ‘o’ shape with your mouth around one of your fingers and slide the finger out of your mouth. Any excess lippy will have been picked up by your finger.

#9 Highlight

Highlighting isn’t just used when contouring – it’s great for making your lips appear fuller, too. Be sure to highlight along your cupid’s bow.

#10 Use leftovers

Bought a shade of lipstick that just doesn’t work for you? Don’t ditch it just yet. You can always blend it with a shade that suits you to create a new and improved colour. Liner can also be used to darken unwanted lipstick shades. Broken lipstick? It’s salvageable. Carefully use a match to gently melt the broken part, place it back on the base then leave in the fridge for an hour.

Remember – great lipstick brands don’t need to cost a fortune. Direct Cosmetics offer big brand cosmetics at a fraction of their high street price. Looking to add more lipstick and lip liner to your collection? Head over to our online store to stock up.

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