Top Five Fragrances to flavour your summer

Top five fragrances to flavour your summerDirect cosmetics has put a lot of time and care into guiding you to the right fragrances for the right season and for the right you. So what about finding a fragrance that reflects what you want to do? In the summer season, humdrum life becomes more varied and suddenly people go from all work and no play to some working and some playing. Gathering advice from other fragrance articles on the Direct Cosmetics blog we can start to create a fragrance map to guide us into the summer months and suggest the fragrance categories you should be trying.

Lemons, oranges, grapefruit – think clean, fresh, and detoxifying. At the end of a good day on the beach when there’s sand in your hair, sweat on the bridge of your sunglasses and damp bathing suits drying out in the car, a breath of a simple, zesty and Fresh Fragrances will remind you what summer is all about. Ideal for those who prefer long stints of sunbathing, reading on the beach and long soul-searching meditations to 10-mile hikes and adventure sports.


Salty and sultry, Oceanic fragrances are made for the people who are sporty, active, flirty, and bubbly. Whether you are heading for a beachside music festival or are a keen beach volleyball player and surfer, these sandy, oceanic aromas will suit you down to the ground. Love the beach, feel the beach, be the beach – these fragrances will help solidify your happy-go-lucky attitude to the summer and highlight your carefree spirit.
Staycations are becoming more and more popular as people get busier. Whilst some look overseas, other people want nothing more than a homegrown holiday. Paddling pools on the lawn, picnics and woodland walks – if you’re a gal that prefers to go green for the summer rather than a beach babe then these fragrances are for you. Woody, earthy and luscious, green fragrances are ideal for the independent explorer and the social, garden tea party aficionado.


Or maybe you want romance this summer? Jobs don’t always provide you with a lot of scope or time to find Mr Right, so when you get a holiday you need to kick it up a notch or two before you put nose-to-grindstone again. Summer flowers such as daisies, roses and honeysuckle are sure to attract the opposite sex like bees to a flower and will accentuate your femininity – potentially causing a new area of your life to blossom into being.


For the more adventurous and daring, if you are going travelling this summer or have a more confident and direct approach to beginning a holiday romance then these fragrances are for you. Spicy, musky, and sensual, oriental fragrances are for those hot summer nights of candlelit urban garden parties on rooftops and romantic restaurant dates where conversation is light and the looks are deep.

Different summer fragrance categories suit different occasions, so shop around and make sure you have the aromas you need for the perfect sun-soaked summer. Take a look at our Women’s Summer Fragrances and see if you can find your summer self.



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