Summer haircare tips: how to look after your hair this summer

Holiday haircareHere at the Direct Cosmetics HQ, we’re counting down the days until the summer holidays when we’ll be jetting off to catch plenty of sun, sea and sand. Regardless of whether you’re heading to warmer climes or staycationing in the UK, summer brings new beauty challenges for all of us. High levels of heat, humidity and UV rays can wreak havoc on your hair, and if you’re planning on spending plenty of time at the pool or the beach, you’ll have to deal with salt and chlorine, too. Don’t want to resign yourself to another summer of frizz? Read on for some quick summer haircare tips to manage the effects of all the elements this season can throw at you.

#1 UV protection

The sun’s rays pelt us with UV radiation – we protect our skin from it using sunscreen and SPF makeup, but don’t forget about your hair! UV rays fade your hair colour and damage the very structure of your hair. In summer, protect your hair and scalp from the worst of the rays with heat protection hair products or, a lower tech solution – a hat!

#2 Preventing frizz

Summer heat often brings high humidity, and if your hair is prone to even the slightest hint of frizz you can be sure it’ll worsen during this time of year. Investing in a good quality hair serum that’s well suited to your hair type is one of the best ways to prevent frizz. Consider using a few drops of argan oil (or similar) as an alternative (or addition) to your favourite serum. If you have wavy or curly hair, try drying your hair with a microfibre towel or cotton t-shirt instead of your normal towel or heat. Cotton is great at picking up plenty of moisture from your hair without having to break up your curls. Whatever your hair type, try to avoid handling your hair while it’s drying as this will separate the strands and immediately cause frizz.

#3 Retaining moisture

Heat, salt water and chlorine dry out your hair, damaging its structure, stealing its shine and causing split ends. Deep conditioning treatments and leave-in conditioners help to lock in that all important moisture, so make sure you stock up before you jet off to the beach. If possible, try to reduce how frequently you shampoo your hair – remember that your scalp adjusts to shampoo use; your body will automatically produce more oils in your scalp as shampoo strips them away. Instead, try rinsing your hair and washing with conditioner only – choose a conditioner without any silicones in it as they tend to cause product build up on your scalp. This approach will help your scalp generate oils at its natural rate, helping to retain moisture in your hair. Co-washing doesn’t work for everyone, but summer is certainly the best time of year to give it a try.

#4 Avoiding ‘green’ swimmers’ hair and the effects of chlorine

If you spend plenty of time in the pool and you have blonde or light brown hair, you may notice that it gains a greenish tint. Contrary to popular belief, this isn’t due to the chlorinated water, rather it’s the metallic elements in the pool water that cause this unfortunate colour change. Chlorine does play its part in this process – your hair absorbs chlorine and it strips your locks of oils, weakening each strand and making it easier for metallic elements and other chemicals to attach themselves to your hair. To prevent these issues, make sure you enter the pool with your hair already wet through. A good helping of conditioner before your dip also stops your hair from absorbing as much chlorine.

#5 Styles

Summer is a good time to switch up your usual rotation of hairstyles. From perfect beach waves to loose braids, there are dozens of summery styles to master. If you’re struggling with dry and damaged hair during the summer, avoid hairstyles that involve your hair being pulled tight. These hairstyles will cause your hair to split and break even more.

How do you change your haircare routine during the summer? Share your own tips and tricks in the comments below!

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