Summer skin: three steps to keeping cool

Sweat. It appears everywhere: from your scalp to between yours toes, there’s no escaping it. Hot weather, as much as we all love it, poses both a health and beauty hazard to our skin and can leave us with breakouts – and running makeup besides. Thankfully, there are solutions to the sweaty syndrome, all of which come from thorough skincare steps and carefully chosen, sun-friendly cosmetics. Take a look at our bathroom to beach skincare steps and see how summer cosmetics can help you achieve a cooler and dryer summer:

#1: Hydration

Depending on your skin type, if your skin is sweating out all of its moisture then you’ll need to make sure your skin is well hydrated before putting anything else on it. Starting with an exfoliator or cleanser will not only wash off all the grease and dirt that collects overnight and the day before, but it will restore some of the moisture you’ve lost. If you plan on just relaxing on a lounger in the back garden then you could also use this downtime to try out a facemask – the Elizabeth Arden hydrating mask would be ideal for this – with a couple of slices of cucumber, homemade lemonade and a group of close friends, facemasks could easily turn into an awesome summer activity!

#2: Preparation

 Aside from the normal moisturiser, there are a few other preparatory steps that can be taken before putting your makeup on. Sunscreen replaces many moisturisers during this season, or you can invest in some primer instead. Jane Richardson, international lead makeup artist at Nar, recommends you create a barrier between your skin and the heat with a primer, concentrating on areas where you have fine lines and enlarged pores – such as the forehead, nose and chin – helping your T-zone to remain shine free and clean looking after the application of makeup. Primers such as L’Oreal Studio secrets are the ones to look out for during the summer season because they contain SPF protectors, giving you that extra shielding from the sun.

#3: Makeup

 According to celebrity makeup artist Daniel Sandler, makeup with silicone ingredients are key to a dewy summer look. What is silicone? Silicone and silica are both compounds of silicon, which is a type of metalloid than can be found in mineral form as well as a solid. While seemingly unrelated to most makeup properties, silicone has many uses within cosmetics for the summer months: it absorbs oil, locks in moisture and mattifies materials. It can be found in serums, moisturisers, primers, foundations and conditioners. Therefore using silica BB creams and silicone waterproof mascaras will not only prevent sliding when sweating, they will also be ok if you decide to go for a spontaneous dip in the pool or ocean – preparing you for any summer activity. Another tip would be to stick to creams rather than powders – they are less likely to slide and prevent layering, which can make you sticky.

Luckily, the dewy and au naturel look is the thing to be showing off this summer, so you can get away with wearing less – remaining light and layer free while keeping to the trends. Peach and coral shades along with light bronzers will help complete your summer vibe and keep you looking fresh.  All the summer cosmetics mentioned above can be found on our online store. Take a look for yourself and see how we can help you take care of your skin while remaining sun kissed and radiant during the summer months.




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