How to achieve a summer glow without damaging your skin

1 - Summer glow

To us, making the most of the summer means spending time achieving that desirable summer glow. Did you know that when your skin tans it is because your skin cells are becoming darker to protect you from the sun’s dangerous rays and radiation? This radiation is known as ultraviolet (UV) radiation  – the dangerous ones that can ultimately cause cancer are known as UVA and UVB. It is impossible to eliminate all risk of being exposed to the sun’s UV radiation, but there are ways of significantly reducing the negative impacts of UV, so don’t worry! Just remember, next time you hit the beach, stop and think: do you have adequate skin protection?

 Natural tan

Tanning with the help of the sun is everyone’s favourite way to tan. Nothing beats enjoying a good book or a siesta on the beach or in the park during those long, lazy summer days. However, as we all know, being in the sun for long periods can be dangerous so we must ensure that we take measures to reduce the amount of UV radiation that we expose ourselves to. Sunblock, as the name suggests, will entirely block harmful radiation from reaching your skin. Although this offers total protection against UV and therefore against the risk of cancer, it will also stop you from getting a tan so we recommend that you use sunscreen instead if you’re after a summery skin tone. This allows just a little proportion of the sun’s UV rays to pass through – enough to protect against harmful rays but still get a tan. Make sure that you use a minimum of SPF 20. SPF stands for sun protection factor and, in the case of SPF 20, means that it will allow 1/20th of the sun’s rays to penetrate to the skin’s surface. Whichever SPF level you choose to use, make sure that you reapply it every two hours and immediately after having been in water.

 Fake tan

Even with the help of the sun, it can be difficult to achieve that evenly spread and all-round tan that you want. In these instances you might like to use fake tan. Fake tans – or sunless tanners – dye dead skin cells. They do not last particularly long as your body is constantly shedding these cells to produce new ones. For a longer lasting and more even tan, we recommend that you exfoliate to remove dead skin before applying your sunless tanner. It is important to remember that many fake tanning products do not contain sunscreen, so will not protect you from UV radiation. Ensure that you apply sunscreen even when you are using fake tan. Avoid fake tanning tablets – these are dangerous and can even damage your liver.

Tanning studios

Treat tanning beds with caution. They are not less dangerous than natural sunlight, as some people believe – they emit powerful UV radiation just like the sun. In fact, it is thought that sunbeds are actually far more dangerous than the sun. Statistics suggest that the prevalence of skin cancer is much greater amongst regular sunbed users.

 Now that you know all that there is to know about tanning safely, equip yourself with everything you need from our sun tan range. Not only do we have everything you need to stay safe in the sun, we also stock a huge range of cosmetics from top brands. Why not take a look and get outside to enjoy the summer?

Roc Soleil Protection


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