The Ultimate Summer Beauty Toolkit

Beach readyWe’ve had a lovely sunny spring so far this year, so it’s only natural that our thoughts turn to the summer now that it’s only few days or so away! The hot summer weather provides a very different set of beauty challenges to the depths of winter, so it’s important to make sure you have the right tools to keep your skin and hair looking healthy and beautiful as the seasons change. You don’t want to be short of items in your summer beauty toolkit when the holidays begin, so why not start preparing now?


While your winter skincare routine focuses on using richer moisturisers to prevent dry skin, in summer you face completely different challenges: sun damage and oily skin. Top of the list in any summer beauty toolkit is sunscreen – ideally SPF 25 or above. Get into the habit of wearing sunscreen every day – not only to prevent sunburn, but also to reduce long term damage to your skin. You should also think about stocking up on SPF moisturiser and makeup. SPF lip balm is particularly important (who wants to put normal sunscreen on their lips?), and SPF bronzer and foundation add another layer of protection.

If you tend to have oily skin, summer is a particular challenge. Even for those of us with normal skin, you may wish to switch out to lighter foundations and moisturisers. If you find that your foundation is wearing off fast in the summer heat, start using a primer, BB creams and tinted moisturisers act as multiple products in one, so they’re a great lightweight skincare solution for summer.

Self-tanning products are also summer essentials. Take full advantage of them to get that sun kissed look without damaging your skin!


Aside from SPF makeup and BB creams, there are other cosmetics you’ll want to add to your makeup bag so you’re ready for the summer. If you tend to work up a sweat easily or simply plan to spend a lot of time in the pool, waterproof makeup is a must. Don’t forget about a pedicure, either! Check your stash of nail polish and see if there are any key colours you need to replenish before sandals season hits.


Any fragrance fan will know that they’re all about chemistry – not just your body chemistry, but also how the perfume reacts with the weather. Winter fragrances tend to be warm, spicy and musky. In summer, those fragrances will seem heavy and overpowering. Summer is the time for light, fresh, citrus and floral scents that are far gentler than bold winter perfumes. Avoid perfumes with notes such as patchouli and vanilla that tend to intensify in the heat. Remember that you’ll also have to reapply more often in summer, as the heat will make the alcohol in your fragrances evaporate more quickly. Check out the Direct Cosmetics’ fragrance collection to find the right summer fragrance for you.

There you have it – all the essential beauty products for your summer beauty toolkit. Are you short of any of these products? Take a look at the Direct Cosmetics store to stock up on top brand beauty products at great prices!

Get ready for the summer


One comment on “The Ultimate Summer Beauty Toolkit

  1. auralife29 says:

    Thankyou so much for posting this!! N i do agree with u on not only using spf makeup but also waterproof makeup!

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