Vintage makeup tutorial: ‘50s glamour

4 - Classic cosmetics evolution

It’s impossible not to love the pin-up makeup look, isn’t it? Back in the ‘50s, women were encouraged to look like women, rather than the super-slim catwalk wraiths we’re encouraged to resemble today. Fortunately, the ‘pin-up’ style makeup look is enjoying a bit of a renaissance today, so if you wish to resemble the kind of women who were painted onto the noses of fighter planes and adorned posters and billboards in the glory days of the ‘50s, now is your chance! Take a look at our perfect pin-up tutorial and see how you can get the ‘50s cosmetic look using designer brands at wallet-friendly prices!


All the best makeup looks begin life on a flawless base, so clean your skin thoroughly before taking care of any blemishes and imperfections you may have. A good concealer will be able to deal with the dark circles under your eyes and any areas of redness or discolouration, while a carefully-blended liquid foundation will help you to achieve an even, creamy, natural-looking finish.

Eyes part one: widening eyeshadow

Once your skin has been perfected, it’s time to work on your pin-up peepers. Start off with a pale eyeshadow in a cream or vanilla tone, and apply the colour evenly to both your upper and lower lids. Blend in a warmer eyeshadow in taupe to achieve the kind of gradient colour you’re looking for. Once the shadow is sorted, you can move on to your lashes…

Eyes part two: perfect lashes

It’s up to you how you achieve the fluttery fifties lashes shown off to great effect by Marilyn Monroe and her peers: either using false eyelashes or volumising mascara. We appreciate that not everyone likes to wear falsies, so to get the look without the discomfort, try L’Oreal’s Lash Architecte false lash effect mascara instead.


A playful, brazen blush is a key feature of the pin-up cosmetic appeal, so pick a powdery pink shade that will add an extra layer of femininity to your look. Pick a product that’s a couple of shades darker than your natural skin tone – similar to the shade your cheeks achieve when flushed. You don’t want to end up looking like a Russian doll, remember!


Now it’s time for the true coup de grace of the ‘50s pin-up look: the lips. Go for a ruby red lip look that will give you a truly powerful pout by first applying a lip liner to the cupid’s bow outline of your lips. Blend the liner into your lips using a lip brush or the tip of a clean finger. Finally, apply a glossy red lipstick in a matching tone for that fantastic finishing touch.

Our ‘50s pin-up makeup tutorial should now have you looking gorgeous and glamorous enough to grace the poster of any period Hollywood movie! Take a look at our Beauty Talk makeup blog for more incredible tutorials and tips on how to make the most of your favourite makeup products in future.


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