The Ultimate Summer Beauty Toolkit

Beach readyWe’ve had a lovely sunny spring so far this year, so it’s only natural that our thoughts turn to the summer now that it’s only few days or so away! The hot summer weather provides a very different set of beauty challenges to the depths of winter, so it’s important to make sure you have the right tools to keep your skin and hair looking healthy and beautiful as the seasons change. You don’t want to be short of items in your summer beauty toolkit when the holidays begin, so why not start preparing now?

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Pretty in pink: how to perfect the pink lip trend!

pink lady

Keeping up with the latest cosmetic trends is far from an easy task, as fashions often seem to change on a whim and what was popular one week may well be passé the next. Fortunately, the spring / summer trends are easy to achieve and look fantastic, usually focussing on one stand-out cosmetic feature, so even casual fashionistas can try out the latest styles for themselves. This week, your friends at Direct Cosmetics are going to help you perfect the forthcoming pretty pink lip trend, and with the cheap cosmetics available from our online store, you won’t even have to worry about the expense! Continue reading

Vintage makeup tutorial: ‘50s glamour

4 - Classic cosmetics evolution

It’s impossible not to love the pin-up makeup look, isn’t it? Back in the ‘50s, women were encouraged to look like women, rather than the super-slim catwalk wraiths we’re encouraged to resemble today. Fortunately, the ‘pin-up’ style makeup look is enjoying a bit of a renaissance today, so if you wish to resemble the kind of women who were painted onto the noses of fighter planes and adorned posters and billboards in the glory days of the ‘50s, now is your chance! Take a look at our perfect pin-up tutorial and see how you can get the ‘50s cosmetic look using designer brands at wallet-friendly prices!

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