Taming the trends: Ombré Nails

Taming the trends: Ombré NailsWith a world of colourful products out there, here at Direct Cosmetics we think its time to get creative with your makeup. Ombré, a fancy word for when one colour gradually transitions into another, is a fantastic way to try out bold colours in a more subtle style. The ombré effect is dominating everything from fashion to our faces, with ombré eyes, lips and (of course) the super on-trend dip dye hair styles can be seen everywhere from the catwalk to the corner shop. Today we’re going to show you how to ombré your nails. Try this ombré effect for fun, flirty statement nails to match any outfit!

Ombre Nails – How To!

This look couldn’t be simpler. It’s especially great for any messy nail painters out there, as it’s all about getting stuck in and cleaning up the mess after! First off, select your colours. You will need three nail varnishes. These can be any three co-ordinating colours, though to keep the gradient subtle its best to stick to one palette in three different shades. For example, try a baby pink, a coral and a red for a sunset-inspired look, or white, light blue and navy for a more dramatic night time effect.

 So, get your selected varnishes and a makeup sponge at the ready and follow these simple steps for the perfect ombré look.

Apply a base coat. Using a base coat underneath your varnish will not only strengthen the nail, but will also help to keep your varnish in place for longer.

  1. Apply a coat of white nail varnish. You can use any colour you want here, but a white base really helps to make the colours on top pop.
  2. Cut your sponge. Cut your makeup sponge so that it is roughly the same size as your thumbnail.
  3. Paint your sponge. Right – this is the stage that might sounds a little strange, but trust us, it works! Paint a line of the lightest of your three varnish colours at the bottom of the sponge. Above, apply a second row of your middle colour, and finally a top row of your darkest colour. Don’t scrimp on the polish here – you want there to be enough so that it looks wet on the sponge.
  4. Apply sponge to nails. This is the easy bit. Dab the varnish-covered sponge onto the nail. Do this a few times in order to blend the colours – we want a soft gradient and not stripes here!
  5. Reload your sponge for the next nail. Reapply your varnish strips onto the sponge for each nail.
  6. Apply a topcoat. Once you have finished all of your nails, wait for your varnish to thoroughly dry before applying a topcoat. A clear topcoat will keep your ombré look in place and help to avoid chipping.
  7. Clean up. The sponge technique works wonders but can be pretty messy. Grab a cotton bud dipped in nail polish remover to clean up any excess polish that might have missed your nail. One top tip here is to apply Vaseline around your nails before you get painting so that any extra polish can be wiped off with ease.
  8. Show off your ombré! Don’t be shy – let the world see your new ombré nails in all their glory!

Want to try out ombré nails yourself? Head over to the Direct Cosmetics store to buy all the bargain brand-name cosmetics you need for the look online.



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