Common beauty issues: How to approach them

2 - Winter skincare IWhat is certain in life, other than death and taxes, is that nobody is perfect. We all have issues with our looks and bodies and it is common for us to metaphorically brush these issues under the carpet with cosmetics rather than actually facing them head on. However, in many cases, this can make the problem worse. The issues that we often struggle to deal with are more common than you actually realise and in essence, are a way for our bodies to let us know what’s wrong. Check out four common issues below and our advice to let you know just what you can do to help yourself…

Dull Complexion

Dull looking skin with a lacklustre edge is a common issue, particularly if you are a smoker. To help brighten and pep up the skin, keeping yourself hydrated is probably the easiest and least expensive way to maintain a bright complexion. Food choices in your diet can greatly improve skin health too, with some food having been proven to actually aggravate certain skin conditions. It goes without saying that food with quality nutrients promote a really robust complexion. Exfoliating, moisturising and actually using the correct makeup also go a long way too. If you’ve kept the same makeup year after year, this could also be contributing to a dull complexion as bacteria can breed within the very creams you’re using to make your skin look more alive!

Fine, volume-less hair

By its very nature, fine hair tends to lack body, which means it becomes difficult to make it look less lifeless. So what can be done to volumise your luscious locks? Well, adapting your cut is a good start. The cut needs to be structured so it is layered and scaled, in essence giving an optical illusion of the desired volume. If this is what you decide to do, then a short cut or even a bob at shoulder length works best. However, if you prefer to keep it long, a climbing layered cut works well as long as you don’t take off too much. Often, oily hair may cling to your scalp, whilst dry or damaged hair will look dull and lifeless. Use haircare products containing essential oils and try to refrain from over-styling your hair to give it a chance to recover.

Large pores

There are a variety of ways to minimise pores on the face to create smoother looking skin, the first of which is very simple. Ensure you wash your face every day, taking care not to overwash. Limit cleaning your face to once in the morning and again just before bed, using a gentle cleanser. Pores tend to widen when clogged with dirt or bacteria, which in turn causes inflammation. Some also suggest using a baking soda paste (as often used by your friendly, neighbourhood makeup artist), which can minimize pores and fight acne at the same time, but we’ve found a gentle face scrub used once a week has an even more noticeable effect.

Short of volume lacking eyelashes

If you really don’t want to go the whole hog down the fake eyelash or extension road, yet still feel your lashes are in need of a bit of thickness or length, then a bit of eyeliner magic is what you need. The application of eyeliner close to the lash line works a treat. Basically, the plan is to try to make it seem as though there is more hair at the roots of the eyelashes than there actually is. The illusion of thicker lashes is created by using an eyeliner colour that’s a little darker than your natural eyelash colour.

Just remember, you’re not alone here. Women and men the length and breadth of the country face problems like these every single day. The plus side of this is that there is a great deal of assistance on hand to help out. The Direct Cosmetics Beauty Talk Blog is a great resource for you to check out on a regular basis to assist with all your questions and queries. Take a look today.

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