Spruce up your cosmetic cupboard for spring!

Cosmetic spring cleaningBelieve it or not, but winter is now behind us. The daffodils are in bloom, the days are drawing out and we can feel the sun on our skin once more – it might still be a little chilly, but spring is well and truly in the air! Here at Direct Cosmetics that can only mean one thing: it’s time to spruce up the cosmetic cupboard for spring. If you like to spring-clean your home then perhaps you should consider spring-cleaning your cosmetic collection, too. Our skin has different needs at different times of the year, and cosmetics can go off over time if not replaced – what better time to re-evaluate the contents of your cosmetic cupboard than now?


Clean or replace your brushes

Makeup brushes are great for applying foundation and blusher, but if they aren’t cleaned frequently then they can harbour dirt and bacteria with the potential to cause breakouts or even damage the health of your skin. You should clean your makeup brushes frequently – as often as once a week – but the start of spring is a great time to give your makeup brushes a really thorough clean. Use mild soap and hot water to clean your brushes, but remember to rinse and dry them thoroughly before use. If your makeup brushes are getting on a bit, consider replacing them with some of the cosmetic brands available on our website.


Throw out expired products

Did you know that some cosmetic products have expiration dates? Certain cosmetic products contain ingredients that can decay over time, making them unsuitable for future use. Certain out-of-date products can even pose a threat to your health. When you empty out your cosmetic cupboard, check the use-by dates of some of your older products. Mascara, eyeliner, tinted moisturiser and foundation all have particularly brief use-by dates, so make sure that you discard any expired products and replace them with new cosmetics for spring.


Springtime skincare

If you’re anything like us then you’ll be sick to death of your winter skincare routine. Those thick moisturisers and dry skin repair creams can become tiresome over a long winter, but with spring in the air it’s time to reinvigorate your skincare routine for the new season. Create a new you for spring with the help of a gentle facial scrub – this will help to exfoliate your skin and get rid of any dry follicles that may have accumulated during winter. Consider using RoC Complete Lift Restorer Reshaping night cream to help rebuild your winter-ravaged skin if you’ve had a rough few months, but feel free to switch to a lighter moisturiser with SPF to protect you from the sun during the day.


Embrace the spring trends

With a new season comes new trends, and a chance to experiment with your makeup looks as you try on outfits that have been locked away all winter! The fashion set will be experimenting with bold black eyeliner, warm, golden bronzer and hot lip shades this spring, so consider joining them to reinvigorate your look.


Enjoy some Easter gifts

If winter is all about Christmas for many of us, then spring can mean only one thing: Easter! We’ve been bingeing on comfort foods over winter so will do our best to avoid the chocolate this year, but that doesn’t mean we can’t treat ourselves in other ways! If you’re looking for an alternative to the gluttonous Easter egg, why not opt for a fresh new scent instead this year? A bright citrus or green fragrance from our range of women’s perfumes will give you the perfect springtime lift to help you leave winter behind for good.


If you’re looking to spruce up your cosmetic cupboard for spring this year, why not Tweet us your pictures or let us know how you’re getting on via Facebook? Be sure to top up any diminished supplies from our range of great value brand name cosmetics!


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