Five beauty gift ideas for Mother’s Day

Mothers DayMother’s Day isn’t far away! If you haven’t already decided what to treat your mum with on March 15th or tend to be the type of son or daughter who opts for a last-minute bouquet of her favourite flowers, you’ve come to the right place. The Direct Cosmetics team have put together a list of some of their favourite beauty gift ideas for Mother’s Day, featuring many designer products you can grab online through Direct Cosmetics for an incredible, high street-beating price!


Perfumes make great gifts, but with hundreds of different products out there it can seem difficult to know how to choose between them. Here are a few options to help you narrow things down:

  • Her favourite fragrance. If you’re completely stuck for gift ideas, this is the easiest place to start. Buy her a new bottle of her favourite perfume if she’s out or nearly out of it, and she’ll be delighted when she receives it on March 15th.
  •  From the same brand. If she likes Obsession by Calvin Klein, why not see if she likes Obsession Night, too? It’s a safer bet than trying a whole new brand, and your choice shows that you’ve noticed her fragrance preferences.
  • The same fragrance family. If you know your mum prefers floral perfumes, find another fragrance with similar notes, from the same family.

Gift sets

Beauty gift sets remain ideal presents for every occasion. Often more affordable than buying the same product separately, you’ll find a gift set for almost every beauty brand you can think of. They range in price from less than £10 to over £50, so you’re bound to find something that suits your budget and your mum’s taste. If she’s always wanted to try out a new brand of beauty products, gift sets make a great introduction.


Buying your mum concealer or primer for Mother’s Day probably isn’t an entirely tactful move! Check out these alternative makeup gift ideas instead…

  • Top brands. Treat your mum to some cosmetics from a high-end makeup brand such as L’Oreal or Clinique. This option isn’t as expensive as you might think, as long as you buy through Direct Cosmetics…
  • Bright reds and oranges are the lipstick colours to wear this season. Other makeup trends include brown, lavender and bronze eyeshadow (not to be worn all at once!), and flashes of neon eyeshadow and eyeliner.
  • Nail art tools and varnishes. Nail art is becoming ever more popular season after season. Treat your mum to some new nail varnish, or perhaps some nail art strips as a sneaky shortcut to salon-standard nail art.

Bath and shower

Bath bombs, luxurious bubble bath, bath salts, candles and shower gels from top brands are all viable Mother’s Day gifts – just stay well away from deodorants, handwash and soap…


Avoid hair clips, scrunchies and nail files, but consider:

  • Makeup bags and purses. We all neglect our makeup bags. If your mum is guilty of the same, treating her to a fancy new one is a good move for Mother’s Day.
  • Makeup brushes. A new set of makeup brushes to go with the bag will make your present a little more special.

We hope we’ve given you plenty of inspiration for Mother’s Day gifts, both for this year and next! Check out the Direct Cosmetics’ store for more great offers on top brand beauty products.Mothers Day II


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