Winter fragrances: what you need to know

1 - Winter perfume

Christmas has passed, but there’s at least another couple of months of winter left to endure! If you’re fed up with dark evenings, icy roads and chilly nights, making one simple change to your daily routine could help brighten things up: start wearing a winter fragrance. Today we’re taking a look at what makes perfumes particularly suited to the winter months, and we recommend some of our favourite winter perfumes you might just be able to grab at a great price from Direct Cosmetics!

Why bother with seasonal perfumes?

If you’re a fragrance lover, you probably look for any excuse to buy a new perfume, and the change in the seasons is certainly a valid excuse. Fragrances also react differently on your skin depending on the weather – scents that may be warm and comforting in winter may become cloying in summer, and fresh, light summer scents won’t last long on your skin in winter.

 Fragrances also create and add to the atmosphere. A floral scent makes us think of spring, while spicy, woody notes remind us of the warmth of fires and winter spices. If you want your perfume to match your mood and surroundings, it’s certainly worth thinking about investing in some seasonal scents.

What to look for

Dozens of new perfumes are introduced each season, so instead of just recommending our favourites from today’s line-up, we’re going to give you a quick run-down of what you should look for in wintery scents. First, read the product description. Winter scents tend to be described as warm, sultry, woody and spicy. Many perfect winter scents contain warm notes of jasmine, amber, sandalwood, cinnamon, honey, leather, mandarin or musk.

Our quick picks

The number of fragrances on the market is incredible, and you’ll never have the time to test them all on the high street. Here are some of our top recommendations for fragrances that are perfect for winter!.

  1. Dior Addict.

    If you’re after a luxurious oriental perfume, then Dior addict should be on your list. This rich fragrance is long lasting, with top notes of silk tree flower and night queen flower giving way to warm floral notes of jasmine and rose, sweetening over time. It’s an extremely bold fragrance and should be used sparingly!

  2. Euphoria by Calvin Klein.

    Euphoria is sensual floral-fruity perfume that’s perfect for winter. Its dark notes give a sophisticated, warming scent. Floral top notes transform into a woody, mahogany scent that’s almost masculine. This intriguing mingling of notes make it one of the more interesting designer fragrances. Stick to the eau de parfum variety if you’re after a winter scent.

  3. Deep Red by Hugo Boss.

    This women’s fragrance is another fruity and floral perfume that makes for a fantastic winter scent. The fruity top notes of Deep Red are bright and energetic, with musky base notes adding warmth. The hint of ginger at its heart gives this fragrance a spicy edge that is sure to take you back to Christmas!

All the products we’ve linked to in this article are subject to stock constraints, so if you’re after one of these fragrances at our great prices you’d better move quickly! Take a look at our complete range of fragrances to find the perfect perfume for you.

1 - Winter perfume II


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