What is the best eyeliner shape for you?

1 - Eyeliner I

Eyeliner is a staple used in many stunning makeup looks, but how do you know which style will really make your eyes pop? Some styles will help to round out oval eyes, while others will help provide more width to narrow eye shapes. We’re going to take a look at the best styles for different faces, along with some handy hints for top beauty buys to make the most of these simple yet effective techniques.


Round eyes

You lucky thing! Round eyes are great for eyeliner, as you can go the whole hog with the traditional ‘cat eye’ look. If you have small eyes apply only to the upper lid, as this will draw attention to the lash line and won’t crowd the whites of your eyes. If your eyes are large and round you can go all out: thick liquid eyeliner on top and bottom lashes with an exaggerated wing looks classic and stunning on large round eyes. Use a smoky eyeshadow and black liquid eyeliner for best effect, and keep lips natural to avoid looking overdone.


Almond eyes

If you have large almond eyes, accentuate the natural curves by using eyeliner on the inner lower rim and close to the lash line on the eyelid for best effect. If you’re nervous about using a heavy colour on the inner rim of your eye, remember that black isn’t the only colour out there: browns are great for a more natural daytime look, while for a party style you can go wild with any colour eyeliner you fancy!


Deep-set eyes

If you have a prominent brow bone or are blessed with cheekbones you could cut glass with, it is likely that your eyes are pretty deep-set. To avoid making them look sunken, always apply thin eyeliner, as thick lines will create the illusion of even deeper set, hooded eyes. Go light on the eyeshadow, too, and instead of using your eyes as a focal point of your look why not emphasise your lips with a bold red lipstick?


Narrow-set eyes

To create the illusion that your eyes are further from the bridge of your nose and add symmetry to your face, apply makeup on the outer two-thirds of your eye. Avoid putting any dark colours too close to the tear ducts, as this will close the gap even further. Apply eyeliner on the outer two-thirds of the lash line, and instead of winging the line up in a ‘cat eye’ style, continue the line straight for a couple of millimetres to really make your eyes pop. Finally, dot a light pearlescent eyeshadow on the inner corners of your eyes for a finishing touch.


Wide-set eyes

If your eyes sit quite far apart, you can use eyeliner to create a focal point that draws them together and makes them look more evenly set. To do this, use eyeliner on the inner lower rim and draw it all the way to the tear ducts, using quite a thick line if you dare. Don’t wing the eyeliner out, as this creates additional width. The easiest way to avoid doing this is to start applying the eyeliner from the outer corner and gradually bring it in towards the tear duct.

1 - Eyeliner II


Eyeliner is a perfect day-to-night makeup staple. With such a vast array of colours available from all of the top designer cosmetic brands, you’ll be spoilt for choice once you’ve found the style that suits you best. Remember to check out our online beauty shop for the best deals on your eyeliners and tools for a slick professional look at a purse-friendly price.


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