Seven beauty sins: how many are you committing?

2 - Beauty sins

Even the biggest beauty devotee occasionally forgets to remove makeup before bed or resort to using old makeup products that are long past their best. However, there are many beauty sins that we tend to commit far more regularly. While these sins won’t determine whether you end up in heaven or hell, they can have an effect on your health, well being and reputation amongst your peers. The Direct Cosmetics team share seven beauty sins that you might well be committing…


#1: Squeezing spots

However satisfying it may be, squeezing those annoying pimples isn’t likely to bring improvements to your skin. When we squeeze problematic spots, we tend to spread all the oils and bacteria across our skin, and perhaps press them even deeper into our skin – where they’ll take far longer to clear up. Spots can be ‘lanced’ with a sterilised needle, but this should be done carefully, so you remove the pus and oils without spreading them further. If in doubt, let spots heal naturally.


#2: Patchy fake tan

Fake tan is great – we can get the sun-kissed look without having to expose our skin to UV radiation. However, finding the right product and learning how to use it correctly takes time. We’ve all ended up with blotchy, patchy, or streaky skin thanks to misapplied fake tan. In many cases, we just have to learn from our tanning mistakes – but be sure to read tutorials and tips on YouTube if you’re still struggling with this beauty sin.


#3: Foundation mismatch

Even celebs with dedicated stylists sometimes manage to commit this beauty sin. We all know that foundation is there to even out our complexion and disguise flaws, but sometimes we go a step too far and try and use it to change the colour of our skin. Using a foundation shade that’s too light for your skin will make you look ghostly, not glowing. It’s a particular problem if you’ve topped up the tan and haven’t adjusted your foundation to compensate. Check your foundation in different light levels before you head out, to avoid this embarrassing (and common) beauty sin.


#4: Clumped eyelashes

Some of the biggest fashion shows may feature models with doll-like clumped lashes, but this is a runway look that is very tricky to mirror in real life. You might be using a cheap mascara that tends to clump, but sometimes our eyelashes go clumpy simply because of the way we apply it. Only use a couple of coats on most occasions, and leave time between each coat. Be sure to wipe off excess mascara from the wand before applying. Don’t forget to wiggle the wand as you apply from the root of your lashes, and throw out old mascara products when they’ve expired.


#5: Caked-on makeup

It’s easy to tell when someone’s wearing too much makeup. The caked on look is never attractive, yet this is a beauty sin that we’ve all committed at some point in our lives. To avoid this look, remember that less is more. Ensure that your skin has been cleansed and moisturised before applying makeup. Invest in a good primer to even out your skin before you apply foundation. Only apply foundation to areas that need it, not everywhere. The same goes for concealer. Blend it instead. You may also wish to use setting powder or spray.


#6: Over-plucked eyebrows

Sparse eyebrows may have been acceptable in the ‘90s, but today’s trends call for bigger, more natural brows. Practice filling in your brows with a brow pencil, and steer clear of the tweezers until your brows are back to their best.


#7: Long, hot showers

Taking a long shower may seem like a necessity in the winter months, but the longer you remain in a steamy hot shower the more damage you do to your skin. The heat strips oils and moisture from your skin, potentially causing it to dry out and become red and sore. Remember to moisturise within minutes of getting out of the shower.


These seven beauty sins may be tough to avoid, but by making a few changes to your daily routine and topping up your makeup bag by buying cosmetics online you’ll soon be on the way to redemption.

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2 comments on “Seven beauty sins: how many are you committing?

  1. athenasaxena says:

    omg i am so guilty, nice post, when do you start blogging? perhaps we could follow each other 🙂 what do you think?

  2. Good idea athenasxena Hope it takes off. Babs

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