Five beauty resolutions for the New Year

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The New Year is here. Have you made any resolutions yet? Instead of setting yourself the same old resolutions like losing weight, cutting out chocolate or budgeting wisely, why not set yourself some more interesting goals instead? Make 2015 the year where you make beauty resolutions that will improve your beauty routine and transform your approach to makeup and cosmetics. From stocking up on essential beauty products to improving your skincare routine, there are plenty of effective beauty resolutions you can make this year.


#1: Tidy your makeup bag – regularly

If you were lucky enough to receive some fab new beauty products for Christmas, don’t stuff them into your makeup bag without tidying it up first. We’ve covered this process in more detail elsewhere on the Beauty Talk blog, but here’s the summary: chuck out makeup products that are past their expiration dates, bin or repurpose products you haven’t used in many months, deep clean your brushes and give the bag a wipe clean. Promise yourself that you’ll carry out this detox every month or so to ensure that your stash of cosmetics is free from bacteria and consists only of quality products.


#2: Never sleep with makeup on

We all know that we should remove our makeup properly before bed, but in many cases we just don’t have the time or energy to be as a thorough as we know we should be. Don’t give yourself any excuses in 2015. Stock on makeup remover, keep a bottle in your room and in the bathroom and get into the habit of spending a good 5-10 minutes each night cleansing your face. Don’t use nights out and holidays as excuses for forgetting! Your skin will benefit hugely both in the short-term and the long-term, and your pillowcases won’t get as dirty either!


#3: Try something new

Stuck in a makeup rut? The New Year is the right time to start branching out and braving it with new colours and products. Purple is hot right now, so why not find the right purple shade for you? Always wanted to try bright pink lippy? Give it a go! Test out a new designer fragrance or skincare brand, and start exploring the wonderful world of cosmetics.


#4: Wear SPF every day

Again, everyone knows that SPF products are key to slowing skin aging, but it’s easy to overlook wearing SPF on a gloomy winter day. However, UVA radiation causes deeper damage to our skin and it’s still around in the winter, so wear SPF foundation or moisturiser every day to give your skin the best chance of remaining youthful well into the future.


#5: Spend less on top brands

You may be attached to certain designer cosmetic brands, but the cost could be putting you off. Well, if you’ve resolved to spend less on top beauty brands this year, you’ve come to the right place. Direct Cosmetics offers an array of luxury cosmetics at affordable prices. Keep track of our special offers and latest cosmetics products over at our main site.

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