Eight life hacks to improve your beauty routine

1 - Beauty life hacksHow long does your makeup and hair routine take in the mornings and evenings? Whether you view your beauty routine as a therapeutic part of your day or you’re always looking to shorten it, we’ve put together a series of beauty life hacks that can drastically improve your morning ritual! Some of these makeup tips will save you time, money, or make you look even more stunning than usual, so which of these eight cosmetic life hacks will you use in future?

#1: Get a grip on nail polish lids with rubber bands

If you find it difficult to remove dried-on nail polish lids, try wrapping a rubber band several times around the lid. The bands will make it much easier to grip the lids, saving you time – and pain!

#2: Rubber bands and French manicures

Turns out rubber bands really are useful for cosmetic life hacks! If you’re aiming for the perfect French manicure, wrap a rubber band around your finger, using the edge of the band as a guideline for where to apply your nail polish. Don’t worry about getting nail polish on the rubber band – that’s what it’s there for!

#3: The credit card mascara trick

If you have trouble applying mascara evenly or find that it tends to smudge onto your cheeks or eyelids when you’re putting it on, there’s nothing better than the good ol’ credit card trick. You don’t strictly need a credit card – a business card or piece of paper will work just as well. Simply hold the card over the area that you usually smudge with mascara and apply as usual. The card should catch any of the pesky pigment that isn’t where it should be, and will also allow you to apply mascara right from the roots.

#4: Shaving legs with hair conditioner

Run out of shaving cream? Hair conditioner works just as well. Apply conditioner all over your legs, let it soften your hair for a couple of minutes, and shave as usual. The conditioner will reduce friction and allow you to shave without fear of razor burn.

#5: Use tape to guide your winged eyeliner

We’ve all attempted that perfect winged eyeliner look, but it’s much harder than it looks! To cheat at yours, use Scotch tape as a guideline. No, that’s not the kind of sticky tape that removes hairs when you tug it off!

#6: Make your own glittery nail polish

If you’ve bought or been given some eyeshadow that’s just a bit too glittery for your taste, combine it with clear nail polish to create your very own glittery nail polish!

#7: Cover eyelids with white eyeliner to increase eyeshadow colour

If you really want to make your coloured eyeshadow make a statement, apply white eyeliner all over your lids before moving onto your usual eyeshadow routine.

#8: Make your eyes stand out with eyeshadow that contrasts with your eye colour

If you want to make your eyes shine, you’ll draw attention to them if you choose eyeshadow colours that contrast with your eye colour. If you have green eyes, choose colours with red undertones such as plum or wine. Blue eyes? Choose products with orange undertones such as golds and peaches. Brown eyes are neutral, but purple and blue standout the most.

Need to stock up on some cosmetic products to try out these tips and spice up your beauty routine? Take a look at our full range of cosmetic products for your face, eyes, lips and nails.

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