The £20 cosmetics challenge: new job makeup

The £20 cosmetic challenge - new job makeupIf you’ve been searching far and wide for a job and have finally landed yourself an interview, congratulations! You’ve made it one step closer to climbing the career ladder, so now all you need to do is prepare for that all-important interview. We’re quite sure you’ve already run through your CV and picked out the perfect outfit, all that’s left is to figure out what makeup you’re going to wear. Don’t panic if being out of a job has left you a little penniless, you can still afford to get the makeup look you desire with our help! Here’s all the makeup you need for your job interview for under £20!

 Foundation – £4.99

Bio Detox Organic by Burjois foundation is just what you need to make the right impression at your job interview. A light, ever-so-slightly tinted moisturiser and sheer foundation, it sits well on the skin and provides you with a clear complexion without looking heavy. When going for a job interview you want to try to go for quite a natural look; smart and sophisticated. This soft, liquid foundation will reduce the appearance of any redness you might be experiencing due to a lack of sleep the night before!

 Bronzing powder – £2.99

If your nerves really are getting the better of you and you’re looking a little pale, give yourself a bit of colour with some bronzing powder. You need only brush on lightly over your foundation to create a matte bronzed effect on your face. Rimmel Bronzer will do just the trick and at £2.99, it’s a bargain! It’s classed as the ultimate portable tan for a reason and is ideal for slipping into your bag so you can top up whenever and wherever you are.

 Blusher – £1.99

The trick when using a bronzing powder is to make sure you don’t end up all one colour, which is why you should always apply a touch of blusher afterward. Nobody’s face is ever just one colour, so if you want to create a natural effect, blusher is the ideal solution! Rimmel powder blush comes in various shades and leaves your cheeks looking defined after blending easily into the skin. Try not to opt for too dark a colour when choosing your blusher, just a shade or two darker than your natural skin tone will do.

 Mascara – £2.99

A top tip for your interview: forget the false lashes! False lashes are simply not worth the hassle when you have a million other things to be worrying about, so rather than bothering with sticky glue and trying to cope with drooping eyelids, opt for an excellent mascara instead. Ceramide by Elizabeth Arden is a lash extending treatment mascara that helps to lengthen, define and revitalise your lashes. You can create the look of falses without the fuss!

 Lipstick – £3.50

It’s probably best not to go for any bold colours when it comes to choosing a lipstick for your job interview – the last thing you need is bright red lipstick on your teeth when you’re trying to explain your attributes. Instead, opt for a natural colour that is both moisturising and long lasting, such as Elizabeth Arden’s Exceptional lipstick. It provides a natural looking shine and it’s smooth, glide-on formula makes it easy to achieve even coverage. Available in a range of different shades, just find the one that best suits you and keep it in your handbag always.


There you have it! A brand new make up set, ideal for your job interview, totalling just £16.46! That leaves you with just enough for a takeaway coffee beforehand to settle your nerves. You can find all of these beauty products and much more on the Direct Cosmetics website, but in the meantime be sure to check our regularly updated blog for more cosmetic tips!

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