Three makeup looks you can achieve on a budget

Looks on a budgetBeing a makeup addict is not easy! We’d quite happily spend hundreds of pounds a month on makeup if our bank balance allowed us to. We don’t just need to replenish our mascara and moisturiser stocks and chuck out any unloved products – we also want to stay on trend and try out the season’s hottest new looks. Luckily, even makeup addicts on a budget can get their fix through brand name cosmetics retailers such as Direct Cosmetics. We’ve challenged ourselves to achieve three classic makeup looks on a budget.

 ‘No makeup’ makeup

The ‘au naturale’ look has been in fashion for as long as we can remember. We all envy our friends who are able to pull off the nearly natural look to perfection. This look should be a key weapon in your armoury – perfect for job interviews, days out and days at the office, it’s about as versatile as it gets. So, how do you achieve it on a tight budget? First, start with your usual morning skincare routine – wash, exfoliate, and perhaps use sunscreen. Next, use a tinted moisturiser or BB cream to begin to even out skin tone in a subtle fashion. Tackle any dark circles or blemishes using concealer. Be sure to use your fingers to blend the concealer in. For those with oily skin, now’s the time to add a hint of powder to problem areas. Next, apply blusher that matches your natural flush. Don’t go OTT, or that natural look won’t be so natural any more! Now, the eyes. You’ll probably want to avoid any dramatic eyeliner or colourful eyeshadow for this look, but a single swipe of mascara will define your eyes. Avoid black – use a brown shade instead. If you like, add some subtle eyeshadow – definitely nothing shimmery!  Finally, give your lips a boost with a hint of lipstick that’s just slightly brighter than your natural lip colour.

 Metallic eyes

One of 2014’s hottest makeup trends is the metallic eye look. There are many ways to achieve this look, and not all of them rely on expensive cosmetics. Your main tool should be a shiny, metallic eye crayon. Choose a shade that brings out your eyes – or, if you’re going out for the night, perhaps try something a little more daring. Apply to your eyelids as little as you like or as much as you dare. Add some shimmer to the inner corners of the eye and perhaps the lower line of the lashes. Line with metallic eyeliner in a colour of your choice. Don’t forget to apply mascara!

 Classic Hollywood glamour

We all secretly want to emulate the timeless glamour of Elizabeth Taylor, Marilyn Monroe and other Hollywood stars. Start with your usual routine until you have a flawless canvas on which to apply makeup. The key parts of this look are the brows, lashes, and lips, so this is where you should concentrate. Use a brown brow pencil to define your eyebrows. Extend them outwards until there’s a 30-degree angle between the outer corner of your eye and the end of the brow. Apply false eyelashes to the outer half of your top lashes. Line the inside of the eyes with white kohl, then apply a thin line of brown eyeliner to the upper lashline, continuing outwards, about a centimetre past the eye. Use light eyeshadow strategically to brighten the eye. Next, the lips. Use a subtle hint of white liner above the top lip, then line lips with a red pencil. Use your favourite red lipstick and fill in your lips. Add gloss for the perfect finish.

 You’ll find all you’ll need for these looks at Direct Cosmetics. Don’t forget to take a look at our latest cosmetics offers during your visit.

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