Our favourite autumnal colours (and how to fit them into your beauty routine)

 Autumn beauty regime
Summer is pretty much over already. Before you hop on a plane to the southern hemisphere to enjoy some more sun, let’s hold out for a couple more weeks of balmy temperatures this month. Of course, a new season also gives us the opportunity to try out some new looks! Autumn is a fantastic season for freshening up your makeup routine and adding some new colours to your cosmetic palette. Now’s not the time for bright blues and fluorescent pinks – embrace the turning of the season by adopting autumn hues: oranges, reds and deep greens, to name but a few. Autumn’s many colours provide the perfect source of inspiration for your beauty routine. We’ve picked five of our favourite autumn colours and have a few suggestions for how to add them to your beauty routine…

Amber is a bright yellow-orange. It seems quite summery at first, but it also reminds us of colourful autumn leaves. Amber is such a bright, striking colour that you may be a bit cautious about adding it to your makeup routine, but it’s still great fun to wear! Use a hint of amber to line your upper lashes or – if you’re feeling brave, to cover your eyelids. The bright splash of colour makes it a great look for a night out – playful, bold, and daring.
Another gorgeous autumn colour, you’ll find many different berry shades: from deep burgundy-like reds to rich purples. Berry lips are on-trend again this year, so take this autumn as an opportunity to invest in a couple of new shades of berry lippy. Choose a darker shade to pay homage to your inner Goth, or go for pinker, brighter shades to keep it playful. Berry lips are far more sophisticated than your standard pink lippy, and look particularly striking when paired with minimal eye makeup.
Copper is one of our favourite metallic shades, and there’s no better time to start loving it than autumn 2014. Metallic eyes are back with a vengeance this year, so purchase shimmery copper eyeshadow or eyeliner and start playing with this trend. Even a hint of bright copper around your eyes will draw attention to them. Alternatively, try out copper-coloured lipstick – especially good if you have a medium skin tone.
Chestnut is a dark, rich, reddish brown. It makes for a bold lip colour, particularly if you have very pale skin. It’s also risky to use as eyeshadow if you have light coloured skin, because if you don’t apply it correctly your skin could look blotchy or even bruised. Mastering chestnut eyeshadow could take some practice, but once you have it sussed you’ll have yourself another sophisticated autumn look.
Glittery gold makeup can be fun and flirty or sexy and sophisticated – it entirely depends on how you use it. Gold lipstick is a great option for medium to dark-skinned women, but for the paler skinned folk among us it’s a little more difficult to pull off.  Metallic gold eyeshadow – both above and below the eye – is another look that’s not for the faint-hearted, but the end result can be showstopping. Use brighter golds to create a more youthful complexion, as colder golds appear more grown up! Combine your gold eyeshadow with winged eyeliner and a hint of dark eyeshadow on your eyes’ outer corners for a twist on this look.
Inspired to invest in some autumnal makeup? Us too! Head over to Direct Cosmetics’ tempting stash of affordable beauty products in all your favourite brands and start playing with amber, berry, and copper this autumn.

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