Autumnal cosmetics: changing your look for the new season

1 - Autumnal cosmetics

With the (all too sudden) change in the season from summer to autumn, it’s time to change your look as well. As you begin rediscovering those favourite woollen jumpers, warm leather boots and winter coats that have remained hidden at the back of your wardrobe since the early spring, isn’t it fitting to change your cosmetic style as well? Autumn provides the perfect opportunity to experiment with new styles and use different colours too. Despite the sometimes miserable weather, here at Direct Cosmetics we’ve decided that autumn is one of our favourite seasons for the beautiful and vast array of cosmetic opportunities it presents.

Why bother changing your look?

First and foremost, why bother changing your look at all? Given the short duration of summer, it seems a shame to abandon those summer styles in favour of an autumnal appearance. Even if you don’t eagerly anticipate the arrival of autumn for the chance to experiment with new styles like we do, however, then you still have to admit that bright and bold summer colours simply do not match the dull autumnal weather. Nor do they match the typical autumn colours – those deep reds and oranges, rich browns and olive greens we se around us every day.

 Autumn trends

As always, there are a number of new trends for this autumn and winter, as well as some old familiars. Which will you be experimenting with?

Metallic eye shadow – Back with a vengeance this season, metallic eyeshadow has been seen at all the main international fashion events, including London, Paris and New York. Silver and bronze are our particular favourites ­– especially bronze, which perfectly matches the colour of the fallen leaves.

Berry purples – Another fashion that featured highly at international fashion weeks for autumn and Winter 2014 was the use of deep reds and berry purples. These can be used on either eyes or lips. If you would like to use such colours as an eyeshadow then remember to build the colour up (or go for the ombré look) to avoid looking bruised.

Flicked black eyeliner – This trend is known (appropriately) for flicking in and out of fashion, but this season it’s definitely a favoured look. Designers who featured flicked eyeliner in their A/W 2014 shows tended to use it in conjunction with other makeup that was noticeably simple – neutral or nude lipstick and natural-looking skin.

Strong eyebrows – We realise that not everyone will want to make changes to their eyebrows at the start of every season, but designers are currently favouring strong eyebrows that frame the face, paired with a warm blusher. The blusher should be subtle, fresh and natural in appearance while its slight orangey warmth should reflect the change in the colour of the leaves.

Red hair – One of our old favourites that has recently gained the support of many high profile celebrities. While you might like to avoid going full ginger, we suggest a copper coloured dye for fair skin, auburn tones for olive skin and richer mahogany for those with dark skin.

All of these styles and looks can be accommodated by the many hundreds of brand name cosmetics products that can be found online at Direct Cosmetics – your one stop shop for autumnal cosmetics.

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