Our favourite autumnal colours (and how to fit them into your beauty routine)

 Autumn beauty regime
Summer is pretty much over already. Before you hop on a plane to the southern hemisphere to enjoy some more sun, let’s hold out for a couple more weeks of balmy temperatures this month. Of course, a new season also gives us the opportunity to try out some new looks! Autumn is a fantastic season for freshening up your makeup routine and adding some new colours to your cosmetic palette. Now’s not the time for bright blues and fluorescent pinks – embrace the turning of the season by adopting autumn hues: oranges, reds and deep greens, to name but a few. Autumn’s many colours provide the perfect source of inspiration for your beauty routine. We’ve picked five of our favourite autumn colours and have a few suggestions for how to add them to your beauty routine…

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Autumnal cosmetics: changing your look for the new season

1 - Autumnal cosmetics

With the (all too sudden) change in the season from summer to autumn, it’s time to change your look as well. As you begin rediscovering those favourite woollen jumpers, warm leather boots and winter coats that have remained hidden at the back of your wardrobe since the early spring, isn’t it fitting to change your cosmetic style as well? Autumn provides the perfect opportunity to experiment with new styles and use different colours too. Despite the sometimes miserable weather, here at Direct Cosmetics we’ve decided that autumn is one of our favourite seasons for the beautiful and vast array of cosmetic opportunities it presents.

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