Five fast beauty fixes for when you’re on the go!

Five fix beautys while you are on the goFive fast beauty fixes for when you’re on the go!

We’ve all been there – the alarm didn’t go off and now you’re running late for work. You don’t have time to have your breakfast, let alone shower or concentrate on doing your makeup properly, and it’s only now you realise half of your products could probably do with replacing. Crumbly bronzer is difficult to deal with when you’re in a rush! What you could do with, are a few cheats to making yourself look presentable, on the go. Luckily, at Direct Cosmetics, not only do we have a few secrets we are more than willing to share with you, but we can even tell you exactly where to find the best cosmetics to use, for the best price available. Take a look at five of our fast beauty fixes.

No time to wash your hair?

Washing your hair can be a chore at the best of times, so when you’ve only got a few precious minutes before you need to be out the door it helps to have a little trick up your sleeve. If your hair is looking a little dull or greasy, grab the talcum powder and sprinkle it at your roots. Gently rub in using your fingertips and notice that the greasy look has gone and your hair is back to looking silky and luscious! You could also pre-empt such situations and invest in dry shampoo, which has the same effect, or a shampoo that promises long lasting effects, so it’s unlikely that you’ll wake up with greasy hair out of the blue!

Mascara gone clumpy?

Whether it’s only now you’ve remembered that you really must replace your mascara because it has gone clumpy, you don’t have time to take the care to apply it, or you simply can’t seem to find it in a panic, don’t worry, we have a solution. Rather than risk trying to work with the clumps or going without mascara altogether, pick up your Vaseline instead. It might sound odd, but putting a little Vaseline on the side of your index finger and brushing your lashes over it, as you would your mascara brush, you can open up your eye and darken your lashes, while causing them to shine too. This is also a great tip for when you want to perfect a more natural look.

Smudged your eyeliner?

When you’re in a rush, you’re bound to make mistakes, and more often than not, it’s with the eye products that are designed to be long-lasting, so they can be a pain to remove! If you smudge your eyeliner or your eyeshadow falls down onto your cheek, rather than washing your face and starting over, when you really should have left the house five minutes ago, grab a cotton bud and dip one end into your moisturiser or makeup remover. Use that to gently dab at the places where the makeup has smudged, and cause minimal damage to the rest of your makeup.

No time for layers?

If you’re used to starting with a primer, adding your foundation, concealer and then your bronzer and your blusher, and you simply do not have time to complete all these stages successfully in the morning, opt instead for a tinted moisturiser. A tinted moisturiser such as Stila will help to give your skin an overall revitalised look, adding a little colour to your palette, while simultaneously moisturising and replenishing your skin. You could then add a little bronzer or rouge on top, but you might find that you don’t even need to do that!

Prickly legs?

If you were planning on wearing a skirt but have just remembered that you forgot to shave your legs the night before, don’t panic! We know it would be far too difficult and time-consuming a task to begin applying shaving foam in the bath and carefully shaving your legs. Instead, use shaving oil, and apply it out of the bath, running your razor carefully over and simply patting dry. Your legs will be left feeling silky smooth and looking so too, in no time at all. If you don’t want to go anywhere near a razor when you’re in such a rush, simply applying baby oil can help your legs to look smooth, even if they’re not!


With these five fast fixes, you’re bound to be on time, even when you’re running late! Do you have some quick beauty tips that you would like to add to this list? Why not tell us on Twitter or Facebook? We’d love to hear and share them! For all of your on-trend beauty tips and advice, continue to visit our blog, and for all your cosmetic must-haves, explore our website today.


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