Cosmetic advice: selecting a summer scent

Floral fragrance

We’ve been spoilt with the weather so far this summer – fingers crossed it lasts! While the sun’s out there’s nothing we want more than to spend time in the out-of-doors, lounging on the beach or turning sausages on the barbecue, sipping cocktails at a bar or enjoying a picnic in the park. Our lifestyles change in the summer, and that means we need a new scent to match the season. If you’re looking for a new perfume to freshen up your fragrance this summer, what kind of product should you choose? Read our cosmetic advice to find the right summer fragrance for you.


The secret to summer scents

So what makes a summer scent different to a winter fragrance? Well, during the wintertime you might choose to wear a heavier, warmer scent that clings to you throughout the day – it won’t feel overpowering when the air is cool and dry. However, when temperatures soar in the summer you might find that you need something lighter and fresher to suit the mood of the season. This change isn’t merely psychological, however. Fragrances are very complex things, and a good perfume will react according to the temperature of your skin, releasing its base, heart and top notes at different times and in different intensities. Wearing a winter perfume in the summer when your skin temperature is likely to be higher will actually affect the way it smells, potentially making it too intense and cloying for day-to-day wear.


Summer scent varieties

There are numerous varieties of summer fragrance that are ideal for use in warmer weather. The following fragrance categories might just be what you’re looking for in a fresh, summer scent.

  • Citrus – As the name suggests, citrus fragrances feature the scent of citrus fruits such as lemon, grapefruit and bergamot. These fresh scents are ideal for the warm, sultry days of summer.
  • Green – Evocative of lush meadows and freshly mown grass, green fragrances are pure and unfettered. If you like to spend your summer days sat on picnic blankets next to softly bubbling brooks, green fragrances are for you.
  •  Oceanic – The clue is in the title. Oceanic fragrances evoke sea spray and rock pools, hot sand and ocean breezes. Will help you to bring a soupcon of the sea to the city this summer.
  •  Floral – There are numerous subcategories of floral scents, and some are more summer-appropriate than others. Select scents that remind you of summer blossoms such as honeysuckle or daisy.
  • Oriental – You need to be careful with oriental fragrances in the summer – they aren’t for everyday use. However, if you’re planning a night out and want to make an impression on the opposite sex, oriental fragrances are your friend. Think of holiday romances and hazy, sultry evenings.


Choosing a summer scent

Any of the above categories could prove ideal for your summer fragrance, but you must always choose a fragrance for you rather than based on how it smells on someone else. There is a subtle chemistry to perfumery, and a fragrance will always smell different on your own skin to how it does on someone else’s – as well as the chemistry of your skin a fragrance will mingle with hair products, deodorant and other cosmetics to create a markedly different effect. When trying on perfume in a shop remember to spritz it in the air first to see if you like it. Next, squirt it onto a pulse point such as your wrist and let it sit there for the next few hours. You need to see how the fragrance characteristics change throughout the day.


If you’re in search of a summer fragrance then you’ve come to the right place. Here at Direct Cosmetics we have a wide range of designer fragrances available at the best possible prices. Why not take a look at the range of women’s fragrances available on our online store?

Summer Fragrances


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