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What are your plans for the summer? Are you jetting off to foreign climes, spending your weekends at the country’s biggest music festivals or taking a city break somewhere glamorous? Wherever your summer holidays take you, it’s important that you look the part. Summertime cosmetics need to be markedly different from their winter counterparts in order to give your skin the best possible protection and to suit the mood of the season. What summer cosmetic essentials should you pack into your suitcase before your next trip? Read on to find out.


Sun protection

This should go without saying by now, but still many people head out for a week in the sun without packing adequate sun protection. Naturally sun cream is a must, but don’t use SPF 15 in search of a sexy tan – you’ll need 30+ to really keep your skin safe. During the summer you should switch to SPF cosmetics too, so look for moisturiser and foundation boasting sun protection to take with you on holiday. Your lips are also prone to burning, so bring an SPF lip balm to ensure that your skin stays safe.


Summer fragrance

It can be difficult to feel sexy in the summer, what with the soaring temperatures making you perspire and feel self-conscious. A fresh summer fragrance can help – select a perfume from the oceanic, citrus, floral or green fragrance categories to make you feel refreshed and revived in the summer. A perfume miniature is just the thing to slip into your beach bag or handbag on holiday.


Hair remover

Summer is the season for shorts, skirts and strappy tops – the last thing we want to do when the mercury is pushing 30 degrees is cover up. Then there’s the beach and bikinis to consider. With all that skin on show, hair removal is essential. Keep your legs and armpits smooth and sexy with hair removal cream – razor burn is just the thing to ruin a relaxing day at the beach!


Waterproof mascara

Speaking of the beach, a great way to cool off is with a dip in the ocean, but there’s always the risk of the saltwater causing your makeup to run – not a strong look for summer. If you’d like to look a beach beauty but can’t resist the allure of a dip in the sea, waterproof mascara is a must. Keep your lashes long and luxuriant despite the best efforts of the ocean.



While you might be tempted to spend the days leading up to your summer holiday slathering on the fake tan or lounging on a sunbed, the Oompa Loompa look is not in this year. Instead, those in the know will be going for a more natural look with a subtle glow, and you should do the same. Glow emulsion will help to give you the sunkissed look without turning your skin an unnatural shade.


These are just five of the cosmetic essentials you might want to take on holiday this summer, but the Direct Cosmetics website is full of big brand cosmetics we know you’ll love. Why not take a look at our latest deals and see what bargains you can pick up for the summer?

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