Three summer cosmetic trends to look out for

Summer is here, and with the change in the weather comes a bevvy of new cosmetic trends. The cosmetic trends first seen on the catwalks of London, Milan, New York and Paris eventually filter down into our favourite magazines, and finally, to the high street. Will you be attempting to muscle in on any of the most popular makeup trends this summer? We’ve profiled three of the best, and given our verdict on the styles of summer 2014…

Purple eyes, orange lips
It’s not always easy to experiment with colour, but if you’re keen on taming the latest cosmetic trends this season then you might need to dig deep into your makeup bag for those unlikely shades. Purple eyeshadow has been a big feature of a number of catwalk shows this year, so shimmery lilacs and mauves are the way to go if you want to be seen as a prominent fashionista. While purple is the eye colour de rigueur, the most popular lip colour this summer is orange – although we wouldn’t recommend wearing the two trends together…
The verdict – We’re not all that sure about the purple eye trend. What looks good on Rosie Huntingdon-Whitely et al is harder for the rest of us to pull off, and we’re worried it might look like we’re sporting black eyes if we reach for the mauve eyeshadow this summer. Orange lips, however, are far easier to pull off and suit women of all skin tones – take a look at our collection of lip coloursfor inspiration.
Sunkissed glow
Speaking of skin tone, in years past every beachgoer worth his or her salt would take every opportunity they could get to soak up a little colour – be it from a bottle, a sunbed or the sun’s rays themselves. This year, however, Peter Andre orange is not the look we should be going for. In fact, if the catwalks are any indication then we should eschew tans altogether and go for a more natural glow, using peach or apricot blush and other warm tones to give the sunkissed look without hours of pre-baking.
The verdict – We’re all behind the sunkissed glow look. It’s far healthier to protect our skin with sun care productsthan to broil on the beach, so if you’re keen to follow just one cosmetic trend this summer, make it this one.
Dare to bare
As oxymoronic as it might seen, one of the summer’s key cosmetic trends is to wear no or little makeup. ‘Nude look’ cosmetics have been popular for some time, but this summer bare is essential. To pull off the nude look you need fantastic skin, and that means stocking up on skincare products in lieu of your standard cosmetics. Make a statement with some subtle lip colour or some blush on your cheekbones and leave it at that.
The verdict – The nude look is a timeless classic, revitalised for the summer. What beach babe stays away from the water for fear of ruining her eye makeup? Nude cosmetics require a complexion to die for, however, so give your skin some TLC before giving this one a try.
These are just a few of the cosmetic trends making waves on the beach this summer. Will you give any of them a try? Invest in the products you need by browsing the big brand cosmetics on the Direct Cosmetics website.

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