Four must-have beauty products all under 5 Pounds!

Looking and feeling fabulous needn’t be expensive, especially when you know where to shop! Here at Direct Cosmetics we have a wide range of beauty essentials that are all available to purchase online at a fantastic price, but with so many to choose from, how can you know which are the best products for you? There are likely to be a number of products that your friends use that you don’t need to bother with, but absolutely everyone should have each of these four must-have beauty products in their makeup bag…

Volum Express by Maybelline – £4.99
If you’re having one of those days when putting makeup on is the least of your priorities and you have errands to run, you need only apply some of Maybelline’s Volume Express mascara for a fast-action solution. The dark, voluminous mascara enriched with a collagen formula will instantly open up your eyes, making you look far more awake and glamorous than you might feel! Your eyes will often give your mood away, but if you’re boasting sexy long lashes and wide, alert eyes, no one will know what kind of stressful day you’re really having!
Compact powder by Korres – £4.99
A natural glow is flattering and something many women spend a great deal of time and money trying to achieve, but a shiny face is a big no-no! Many women suffer from particularly oily skin than can create an unpleasant shine but when you have a compact powder in your pocket, you needn’t worry about it! Korres compact powder is a velvety powder enriched with a botanical blend for a soft and luminous finish. It will help to brighten up uneven skin tone and create a matte effect on top of shiny skin. When you notice a shine simply dab a little more on!
Hydrating tinted cream by Collin Paris – £2.99
Foundation can be heavy on your skin, especially when you’re feeling tired and have a busy day ahead of you. To avoid the feeling of clogged-up skin or worrying about having to apply your foundation when you’re in a rush, why not opt for a tinted cream instead? Collin Paris hydrating cream provides a light makeup solution and boasts an anti-aging moisturising formula that leaves your skin feeling silky smooth and looking radiant. You need only apply once in the morning and look and feel great all day.
Tinted lip balm by Bourjois – £1.50
Lip gloss and lipstick require you to keep reapplying throughout the day because as soon as they start to wear off they can look messy and unattractive. With Bourjois tinted lipbalm, you can boast shiny and well-nourished lips, enhanced with colour. Easy to apply, you can fit this lip balm right in your pocket so that should your lips feel a little dry you can tend to them quickly and without even using a mirror. Available in a number of different shades, you won’t believe you never relied on it before!
You can find all of these products on the Direct Cosmetics website along with more excellent beauty advice and ideas, so start browsing today!

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