How to: prevent your curls from dropping

Stop curls from dropping

Everybody wants their hair to look as good at the end of the night as it does when they leave the house, but unfortunately – what with the weather and the partying to contend with – ensuring your hair stays in place throughout the night can prove a little difficult! There’s nothing more frustrating than spending the best part of an hour curling your hair only to have the curls drop out the moment you step outside! Curly hair is set to be big again this year and for those of you who don’t have naturally curly hair, trying to keep curls in place can seem impossible at times. Fortunately, while we’re brimming with cosmetic tips here at Direct Cosmetics, we also have some hair care secrets up our sleeve, too! Take a look at our guide to making your curls hold for longer…

 Don’t wash your hair

It seems only natural to wash your hair before you begin styling it, but actually curling your hair is much more effective when working with day-old hair! The natural oils in your hair will help to make it more mouldable and give it that texture it needs to help it stay in place. If you plan to curl your hair on a Friday, wash it on the Thursday morning, avoid deep conditioning and leave it! If it feels a tad greasy come Friday, just sprinkle a little dry shampoo along the roots before styling.

 Choose the right products

Most people think that simply piling on the hairspray after curling their hair will do the trick, but this will only cause your curls to become crunchy and stiff, which is unlikely to be the look you were going for. If you want to achieve soft, tumbling curls, you’ll need to start by using a lightweight styling lotion to give it a little texture. Next, use a heat protection oil or spray to protect your fragile ends when using a hot iron on your hair. Finally, use a lightweight hairspray (sparingly!) to keep your curls in place.

Choose the right tools

If you’ve tried and failed to curl your hair in the past, it might well be because you are using the wrong tools. It could be that you are using a curling iron with too big a barrel for your hair. For hair that doesn’t hold curls well, the smaller the barrel the better. While you might initially create tight ringlety curls, these will soon loosen. You can always curl your hair with straighteners, but the technique can be difficult to master and can sometimes prove more damaging to your hair.

 Pin your curls

If your hair really is quite stubborn and tends to drop the moment you’ve let it go, roll each strand around your finger immediately after curling and pin it to your head. Once you have curled and pinned each strand, mist your hair with hairspray and then begin removing each pin carefully. This works to keep your hair in its curled position for longer, hopefully extending the time the strand remains curled! Once you have removed all of the pins, run through your hair gently with your fingers to bring it all together nicely.

Plait before bed

If you know you’re going to curl your hair the next day, plaiting it before you go to bed will help you to create textured waves before you’ve even begun curling. This will help your curls to stay in place for longer after using your curling iron. Just plait your hair into two or three plaits, depending on the thickness, undo in the morning and brush through with a paddle brush. Use a scrunchie to tie the ends rather than an elastic band so you don’t get as big a kink.


At Direct Cosmetics we can provide you with all the hair and beauty products you need to achieve the looks you want, as well as some great advice and tips too! If you’re keen to boast curly hair this weekend, why not try some of these top tips? Browse our online store now for all the cosmetics you could ever need.

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