Mansturiser: Should guys moisturise?

For most women, a good-quality moisturiser is an indispensable part of the cosmetics cupboard. Whether you’re applying a thick night cream to your face before bed or smothering your arms and legs with a body moisturiser in the winter, your skin will thank you for your efforts in the long run. Many men, however, have yet to be convinced of the benefits that moisturisers can provide. Comparatively few men moisturise, but could a sense of macho pride and a mistrust of cosmetics be having a negative effect on their skin?

Do men need to moisturise?
There’s a reason why fewer men moisturise than women. Men have naturally thicker skin than women – approximately 25% thicker in fact – and even the texture of their skin is different. Men also produce more sebum than women, so their skin is thus less likely to suffer from dryness, irritation or the other complaints that women face relatively frequently. This doesn’t mean, however, that men needn’t moisturise at all. Diet, lifestyle and even weather conditions can affect a man’s skin just as it can a woman’s, while men have the added issue of shaving to contend with. Moisturising can help to improve the health and appearance of a man’s skin while staving off the visible signs of ageing.
Fighting dryness and irritation
Dryness, redness, and irritation – three uncomfortable skin complaints experienced by men and women alike. These issues can arise for any number of reasons, from cold weather, strong winds and hot sun to a poor diet and even washing with harsh, chemical-based soaps. While dry, red skin isn’t particularly nice to look at and can affect a person’s confidence, it’s also uncomfortable and liable to exacerbate unless you act to do something about it. Moisturising after washing your face in the morning and before going to bed can help to improve dry, irritated skin – for men as well as women.
Preventing breakouts
We’ve all experienced the dreaded spot breakout. Spots are unattractive and embarrassing but they’re also a good indicator that something needs changing when it comes to your skincare routine. Men are just as prone to breakouts as women, and poor diet, vitamin D deficiency, washing one’s face too infrequently or even washing one’s face too frequently can be the root cause of an unwelcome, unsightly outbreak of blemishes. Regardless of your skin type, moisturising can help to keep your skin in peak condition and prevent whiteheads and blackheads from showing up in future. Use thick moisturisers if you have naturally dry skin and lighter moisturisers if your skin is naturally oily – this will help to keep your skin hydrated and looking better in future. After all, who thinks spots are manly?
Post-shave routine
One thing that men do routinely and women do not is to shave their face and neck. Women will know from shaving their legs that without a dedicated skincare routine, razor burn and the dreaded post-shave rash can be serious problems. Shaving – particularly wet shaving – irritates the skin and can leave it dry and raw. Moisturising following a shave, then, is crucial if your skin is to remain looking and feeling its best. It’s even possible to buy moisturising post-shave balms if your man is particularly resistant to the concept of moisturisers!
Men need to moisturise just as much as women do, so why not consider treating your partner, friend or relative to a bottle of quality moisturiser from the Direct Cosmetics website?

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