Five hair and beauty trends to try this summer

Summer trends

One of the things we look forward to the most about summer isn’t the picnics, BBQs and warm weather – it’s all of the exciting new beauty trends we get to try. Each season brings with it a variety of looks and styles to experiment with, whether they have been influenced by celebrities, the catwalk or festive occasions, so all you need are the right cosmetic products to give them a go. Take a look at these five hair and beauty trends we’ve already spotted this summer. 

Berry lips

Every season requires a different shade of lipstick, and this summer the colour on every woman’s lips is berry. Forget sticky gloss and bright reds – over the next few months, a delicious matte berry colour is what you should be aiming for. The colour looks great with a tan and is perfect for both day and nightwear. When wearing berry lips, the rest of your makeup should be kept quite minimal, so don’t go overboard on the eyeshadow or blusher. We have a wide range of lipsticks on the Direct Cosmetics website, available in a variety of different shades of berry. Why not try out a few?

 Braided crown

A perfect way to keep the hair out of your face and off your back this summer is by tying it into a braided crown. Instantly your hair becomes this season’s must-have accessory, and you can even add little flowers to make it something really special. There are plenty of videos that will teach you how to create the braided crown online, but you’ll need to ensure you’ve the right products to keep it in place. Your hair will need a good conditioner to help protect it from the heat and a light hair spray to control the frizz and help to keep the braid in place. You’ll find everything you need on our website.

 Bright eyeshadow

If you’re going for a pale lip, you’ve plenty of room to go a little brighter with your eyeshadow. On this season’s catwalks we noticed many of the models wearing either bright blue or bright white eyeshadow, both acting as the only accessory needed to bring an outfit and beautiful look to life. Bright colours around the eyes can really help to open up and highlight your peepers, so be careful but generous when applying. Clashing colours are also in fashion this summer, so don’t worry too much about trying to match your shadow to your outfit.

 Glowing skin

Whilst a gorgeous tan always looks good in the summer, this year it’s all about achieving a gorgeous glow. Even if you’re not prone to tanning, a beautiful glow will help your skin look healthier, and there’s more than one way to achieve it. Wearing a fake tan with a shimmer will diminish the need for foundation, while a highlighting foundation and bronzer will relieve you of the stress of having to apply permanent colour to your face. You should try experimenting with a variety of methods to see which works best for you, but remember – glowing skin works well with little to no extra makeup.

 Winged eyeliner

Winged eyeliner is always going in and out of fashion, but this summer it’s huge. There are plenty of top tips and tutorials available online to teach you how to create the perfect tick, but really, practice makes perfect. Liquid eyeliner will enable you to achieve a long-lasting bold effect, but if you’re trying it for the first time, you might find a pencil is a little easier to control. You can choose from a range of eyeliner pencils and pens on the Direct Cosmetics website.

If you’re keen to try these hair and beauty trends, make sure you have the tools and products you need to do so. Trying out new trends needn’t be an expensive practice, just take a look at the offers we have on a wide range of products on the Direct Cosmetics website today.

Here is a great Pack of 8 Hair accessories to get you started this summer

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