Top beauty secrets: what your beauty issues really mean

Beauty secretsWe all have certain beauty issues we prefer to avoid drawing attention to, choosing instead to cover them up as best we can with cosmetics or going to extreme lengths to ‘fix’ them without ever really determining the cause. Trying to treat a problem without knowing the cause could just end up making it worse, so wouldn’t it be better to get to the root of such issues and figure out a way to deal with our beauty hang-ups for good? Most of the issues that we find so difficult to deal with are our body’s way of telling us that something isn’t right. Here’s what your body could be trying to tell you, and how you can answer the call in future with the help of the appropriate cosmetic advice.

Stained, brittle nails

Are you forever trying to cover up your yellowed, thick or broken nails with a coating of nail polish or by thrusting your hands deep in your pockets? It might be that you need to take a break from using nail varnish removers, polishes or even harsh chemical soaps that could be damaging your nails. Hiding the problem by constantly painting over it won’t help; instead you should always wear rubber gloves when dealing with cleaning chemicals and try to use gentler nail polish removers without acetone. Take a break from painting your nails and apply generous lashings of intensive nail cream to coax your nails back to good health! We recommend Kamil hand and nail cream for the best results. If you’re concerned about how they’ll look in the meantime while you let them recover, consider simply using a nail buffer that will give them super shine – without the polish!

Excessive hair growth

While some people struggle to grow their hair at all, your problem might be that your hair is growing too quickly! If you notice fast hair growth all over your body, you could be suffering from the medical condition PCOS (polycystic ovarian syndrome), a hormonal imbalance. This condition is completely treatable and simply requires a quick trip to the doctors to sort out. In the meantime, rather than constantly shaving in places you’d rather not introduce a razor, consider using hair removal cream instead. Nair hair remover can be used in the shower and promises to leave your skin feeling soft and smooth for longer. Be sure to read the instructions carefully and note which products aren’t suitable for use on delicate areas!

Dark circles

If you wake up every day with dark circles under your eyes, it’s likely to mean that you’re not getting enough sleep. However, dark circles can also be a sign that you may be dehydrated, so you should try to avoid salty foods and ensure that you drink enough water throughout the day. Becoming aware of what your body is trying to tell you is the first step towards finding the root of the problem. If you feel tired, get some more sleep! Likewise, if you feel dehydrated, take a drink! Of course, when you’ve had a bad night’s sleep and you’re late for work, you can rely on your concealer to mask the problem; opt for a moisturising concealer that protects your skin as well as hiding a multitude of sins.


Everybody suffers from a dreaded outbreak of spots now and again, but if you’re experiencing spots that never seem to clear up or go away, it could be your body’s way of telling you to alter certain habits. It could be that you’re not drinking enough water, that you’re eating too much junk food and upsetting your digestive system or perhaps that you aren’t eating enough at all. There are many myths as to what you should or shouldn’t use, eat and drink when suffering from breakouts or acne, but really a healthy lifestyle based on good food and lots of water will generally help to keep your skin healthy. Try to avoid products that are heavily perfumed, and instead choose gentle cleansers specifically designed to treat the problem. Be sure to consult your doctor if the problem persists.

The important thing to remember about your beauty issues is that you’re not the only one dealing with them! There are thousands of men and women coping with problems similar to your own, which means there is always help available for those who know where to look for it. Rather than suffer in silence, work on solving the problem! For more cosmetic help and advice, visit Direct Cosmetics’ Beauty Talk Blog again soon.

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