Five ways to banish oily skin!

Learn how to avoid oily skin at direct cosmetics

Are you sick of sporting shiny, greasy-looking or acne-prone skin? Oily skin is caused by overactive sebaceous glands that can be affected by a variety of stimuli such as humidity, heat, excessive scrubbing and even hormones. With the changeable weather, it’s no wonder we’re all experiencing breakthrough shine and midday makeup meltdowns! The body naturally produces oil to keep the skin moisturised and healthy, but too much oil can cause blackheads, spots and blemishes, not to mention stress. So, what can you do to prevent a greasy complexion? Short of getting out the Fairy liquid, here are our top five tips to help you banish oily skin:

Avoid over-washing
All you want to do when your skin is feeling clammy and oily is wash it, but washing your skin too much can dry it out and cause your skin to over-compensate, actually making it even oilier! Instead, wash your skin once in the morning and once again before you go to bed, making sure you wash your hands first to rid them of any bacteria. Autumn can be a changeable period for our skin, which must go from the cold outside to those first few places with the heating on indoors, and so it fights to compensate. If you know you work somewhere that will be warm, you could save washing your face until you arrive and take along your makeup purse to ‘put on your face’ once you arrive.
Exfoliating your skin in the evening will help to rid it of any bacteria and work to reduce those pesky blackheads. Rather than using an exfoliating soap that could dry your skin out, it is best to use a cream-based exfoliant, such as Aroma Cleanse by Decleor, that will both cleanse and nourish your skin, leaving it feel renewed and replenished!
Get your vitamins
Just as you might take your daily vitamins to ensure your body remains happy and healthy, your skin needs its vitamins too. Well sticking to a healthy diet can help improve your skin, using a vitamin-enriched toner such as Olay Essentials by Olay to remove your makeup will help to revive and refresh your skin, leaving you with a glowing – and not oily – complexion.
Go matte
Now that you are taking care of your oily skin, it’s time to consider what makeup is best to use to avoid the dreaded midday meltdown we mentioned earlier. Try to avoid applying any moisturiser to your face before you apply your makeup, as your creamy exfoliant should be leaving your skin feeling supple enough anyway. Matte foundation provides a perfect light, matte finish that will work to hide any uneven skin tones caused by your oily skin.
Powder power
On top of your foundation, be sure to add a light dusting of bronzing powder that matches your natural skin colour, which will help to absorb any oil that may gather on your skin throughout the day. The trick to keeping your skin feeling fresh and clean is to wear as little makeup as possible, so remember to apply sparingly!
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