Smell like a bloke: Choosing a men’s fragrance

So you’ve used our guide to selecting a signature scent to pick yourself a perfect perfume, so now it’s time to sort out the man in your life. If your husband, boyfriend, father, brother or any other male relation has a birthday on the horizon, this could be your cue to pick them out a new fragrance that doesn’t make you want to reach for the nearest hankie every time you give them a hug. Take a look at our rundown on the main masculine fragrance categories and start selecting scents for your favourite fellas.

Oriental fragrances are popular with both men and women, so unisex crossovers are by no means uncommon. Orientals tend to be exotic, spicy and seductive, but expect the male variant to be muskier, spicier and less sweet than those available to women. Try Armani Code Pour Homme for a warm, masculine fragrance full of Eastern promise.
As the name suggests, leather fragrances evoke aromas from the old world. Think of cedar wood, mahogany, tobacco, rum and of course, leather. Leather fragrances are ideal for traditional men who feel at home in an old-fashioned gentleman’s club or behind the wheel of a classic car. Give Cerruti’s L’essence de Cerruti a try if this sounds like someone you know.
For those with a love of the outdoors, look no further than woody fragrances. These bring to mind natural aromas like patchouli, sandalwood and pine. If your man has an affinity for the outdoors, try Calvin Klein’s Obsession on for size.
Sharp, crisp, refreshing and invigorating, citrus scents fade quickly but are great as a short-term pick me up. Expect aromas encompassing grapefruit, mandarin, lemon and passionfruit from fragrances like Christian Dior’s Fahrenheit Aqua.
Walking hand in hand by the shore with the sea spray whipping your faces and the salt drying on your skin… If this sounds like your man’s idea of heaven then what better way to bring the sea air to him than with a crisp, modern oceanic fragrance. Bulgari’s Aqua Home Marine is a true oceanic for those who crave the smell of the deep blue sea…
Fougere is a classic fragrance category for men, and has been in the lexicon of the perfumer for years. Fougere expresses very natural aromas found in plants like ferns, pines and tonka beans. Paco Rabanne by Paco Rabanne is a classic fougere and will appeal to energetic, fiery, outdoorsy gentlemen (or so we’re told)…
Now that you know a little more about the main male fragrance categories, you’ve no excuse not to go out and do a bit of shopping. Take a look at our full range of men’s fragrances here and refer back to our fragrance guide for inspiration. Happy hunting!



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