Faking it: Five reasons YOU should wear fake tan this summer

Sportsmen fake injuries to trick referees. Colleagues fake compliments to spare one another’s feelings. Some women fake – er – other things in order to appease their partners, and you should fake tan this year if you’re looking for a healthy golden glow. ‘But wait a minute,’ I hear you cry, ‘isn’t it always better to boast a natural tan instead?’ Well, the short answer to that question is a robust NO, and we’ve compiled five iron-clad reasons to prove that it’s so.

You can’t rely on the British weather
Looking to get a good old fashioned natural tan in the great outdoors are you? Go ahead and pull back the curtain – what do you see? A tenner says it’s overcast or drizzling with a temperature pushing 18 degrees, if you’re lucky. We can’t rely on the Great British weather to give us a tan, so if the climate won’t co-operate then it’s time to turn to the bottle, and we’re not talking about wine here…
It’s better for your health
A natural tan can look lovely, be you don’t need a dermatologist to tell you the kind of damage that exposure to the sun’s rays can do to your skin. Sunburn is unsightly and uncomfortable but skin cancer is far worse – even if the British summertime does bless us with a few sunny days, baking on the beach is not always the best course of action. Don’t risk your health: opt for fake tan instead.
It’s cheaper
If the British summertime won’t oblige you with clement weather then chances are you’ll want to look elsewhere for your tanning options. You could always take a summer holiday to some sunny climes, but what is that going to cost you? Sunbeds are slightly cheaper alternatives but there are the health concerns to think about, and a couple of hours in the salon is still going to set you back more than even the best-quality self-tanning products.
The products are much-improved
It used to be that self-tanning products would leave you looking streaky, speckled and an unconvincing colour – and that’s not to mention the weird smell! Today’s products are much improved, however, with modern self-tanning lotions and sprays easy to apply quickly and accurately whilst leaving an attractive finish. Most people will never suspect you’ve not been sunbathing after all!
You’ll look sexy
Ultimately, getting a tan is about looking good, isn’t it? We all like to come across as sun-kissed beach-babes in the summertime, but those natural tans just aren’t always practical or safe to achieve. If you’re looking to adopt a sexier shade this summer, why not take a look at the self-tanning cosmetics available on the Direct Cosmetics website and give your purse a well-needed rest!



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