Three-minute makeup for when you’re in a rush

Three minutes for make upOh dear, you knew going out on a work night was a mistake. You meant to just have one, but one turned into three and three turned into… best not to think about it. You slept through your alarm, or maybe just point-blank forgot to set one. Anyway, there’s no time for breakfast, no time for a shower and just about enough time to throw some clothes on and rush out the door. You can’t let the boss see you looking like this though, can you? Fortunately, you might just have enough time to squeeze in our three-minute makeup SOS routine and get away scott free…

Face wash

Right. First things first, time to clean off the shameful remnants of last night’s excesses; makeup, wine stains and all. Use a gentle face wash to cleanse and rejuvenate your tired skin; you may have to resort to makeup removal wipes if you wear waterproof mascara. Delicately pat your face dry and don’t forget to apply some moisturiser. Don’t hang about though, you’re in a hurry, remember?

 Dry shampoo

You’re going to have to do something about that greasy hair, too. Fortunately, dry shampoo can come to the rescue and save you the embarrassment of having to hide your greasy shame under an unseasonable hat. Dry shampoo can be used to absorb grease and volumise hair between washes and, as it comes in a can just like a hairspray, it can be applied in no time at all – and is a cinch to do on public transport if you’re really pushed for time.

 Under eye concealer

You don’t have time to see to your entire makeup routine, so it’s back to basics: damage limitation. Under eye concealers can be used to cover up the evidence of too many raucous nights. Use the concealer to disguise the dark semi-circles under your eyes, and apply the product on any other areas where your skin might be looking red or discoloured, like around the nostrils or the corners of the mouth.


Now’s the time you should be checking your watch. If you’ve got a few minutes to spare, applying a little mascara can make it seem as if you’ve made a real effort and draw attention away from your constant yawning and the smell of alcohol on your breath…


Another optional extra, and one you can throw on at the traffic lights or whilst sitting on the bus. A nice subtle application of lipstick for work and you’ve skirted disaster; you’ve gone from mardy Medusa to pretty-as-a-picture in less than 5 minutes. You should thank us…

Make up under £5.00 at Direct Cosmetics

Make Up under £5.00


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