Smell like a bloke: Choosing a men’s fragrance

So you’ve used our guide to selecting a signature scent to pick yourself a perfect perfume, so now it’s time to sort out the man in your life. If your husband, boyfriend, father, brother or any other male relation has a birthday on the horizon, this could be your cue to pick them out a new fragrance that doesn’t make you want to reach for the nearest hankie every time you give them a hug. Take a look at our rundown on the main masculine fragrance categories and start selecting scents for your favourite fellas.

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5-step guide to flawless skin (without knives or needles)

Guide for Flawless skinThere’s an ever-increasing pressure for older women to achieve flawless skin, thanks in no small part to the influence of the glossies and other magazines that seem to take a sadistic pleasure in pointing out the imperfections and flaws of anyone unfortunate enough to walk within range of a paparazzo’s zoom lens. In an attempt to combat the ageing process, more and more women have been undergoing cosmetic surgery procedures such as Botox and even facelifts, procedures that have numerous dangers and disadvantages. We’re not convinced of the merits of surgery as a means of improving one’s looks, but in fact believe that there’s little you can’t achieve with the deft use of a makeup brush or two. Read our 5-step guide to flawless skin without having to resort to knives or needles! Continue reading

Faking it: Five reasons YOU should wear fake tan this summer

Sportsmen fake injuries to trick referees. Colleagues fake compliments to spare one another’s feelings. Some women fake – er – other things in order to appease their partners, and you should fake tan this year if you’re looking for a healthy golden glow. ‘But wait a minute,’ I hear you cry, ‘isn’t it always better to boast a natural tan instead?’ Well, the short answer to that question is a robust NO, and we’ve compiled five iron-clad reasons to prove that it’s so.

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Three-minute makeup for when you’re in a rush

Three minutes for make upOh dear, you knew going out on a work night was a mistake. You meant to just have one, but one turned into three and three turned into… best not to think about it. You slept through your alarm, or maybe just point-blank forgot to set one. Anyway, there’s no time for breakfast, no time for a shower and just about enough time to throw some clothes on and rush out the door. You can’t let the boss see you looking like this though, can you? Fortunately, you might just have enough time to squeeze in our three-minute makeup SOS routine and get away scott free…

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