Vintage makeup tutorial: ’50’s glamour

These days, with modern women expected to be high-achieving professionals with barely a minute to themselves, it can seem like we rarely, if ever, get to lavish the same kind of care and attention on our cosmetic looks as our ancestors did back in the 1950s. Although it must have taken a long time to put on all that makeup at the start of every day and remove it once more before bedtime, I can’t be the only one who pines for a time when every day contained its own little slice of personal glamour and pampering? The ‘50s glamour look is back in vogue, and I for one think that we can manage to squeeze it in for a special occasion, even with our hectic 21st century lifestyles! Take a look at our ‘50s glamour budget makeup tutorial and see for yourself!

Step 1 – Once you’ve stepped out of the shower all fresh and clean, you can start off by applying a good-quality liquid foundation to your skin. Don’t forget to use concealer if you have any blemishes or discoloured patches of skin, concentrating on the dark patches below the eyes. Carefully blend in your foundation, making sure not to leave a noticeable line by your hairline, under your chin or at the edges of your face.
Step 2 – For those flawless ‘50s eyes, use a pale, shimmery eyeshadow to add vibrancy to your upper and lower eyelids. Once your shadow has been applied, use a dark eyeliner to line your top lashes, giving them depth and definition. The mascara comes next, and for full effect, remember to curl your lashes first. Apply a thicker layer of mascara to your upper lashes and a thinner layer to those below in order to give them that fluttery, sultry, pin-up look.
Step 3 – Those all-important glamour girl lips are next on the agenda, and to emulate those ‘50s screen icons, pick a glossy,cherry red shade that really pulls focus. Apply your lipstick carefully, accentuate the natural curve and bow of your lips. When you’re finished, use a lip liner of a corresponding shade to add further definition to your lips, making the bow deeper and the curves more pronounced.
Step 4 – To finish off, you’ll want to add a blush to the apples of your cheeks. Pick a tone that brings to mind the ‘rouge’ of the 1950s, but remember to stick to a shade that matches your natural flush as closely as possible. The application of a little blush will add a layer of femininity to your glamorous ‘50s cosmetic look.

There you have it – perfect ‘50s makeup in less than 15 minutes and for less than 15 quid! Keep an eye on our Beauty Talks budgetcosmetic blog for more handy makeup tutorials in future.



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