Six Unusual Beauty Tips

We all have our weird and wonderful beauty tricks that either do or don’t work, so we thought ‘why not bring them all together to create one unusual ultimate beauty guide?’ We bet that once you learn these interesting cosmetic life hacks designed to improve your beauty routine you won’t be looking back. Take a look at the few we’ve rounded up and see if you haven’t already heard of them yourself – don’t forget to pass them on, too!

Put your eyeliner in the freezer!
We haven’t gone mad – this top tip really does work! If you’re fed up of going to apply your eyeliner only to find that it crumbles at the touch, try putting it in the freezer for at least fifteen minutes before you use it. That way, when you take it out and apply it, it should glide smoothly across your eyelid!
Heat your eyelash curlers!
Do you find that your eyelash curlers tend not to make much of a difference unless you hold them there for a good half-hour? Then you should try heating them with your hairdryer for ten seconds before using them. The heat will help to encourage your eyelashes to stay curled they way you want them to.
Use acetone cleanser for a long-lasting manicure
Does your nail varnish tend to flake off almost instantly? If so it’s probably because you’re not managing to wash away the moisturiser and oils left behind on your fingertips, preventing the varnish from adhering properly. Using an acetone-based cleanser to wipe your nails clean before applying your polish should do the trick!
Moisturise your elbows with bio-oil
It’s easy to forget about your elbows when you’re moisturising and the skin can become dry and irritable quite quickly. Using your normal body moisturiser might not have as much of a lasting effect on your elbows as it does the rest of your body as they tend to rub the most on long sleeved clothing, but moisturising them with bio-oil daily will help to keep them soft and feeling smooth.
Reduce puffy eyes with teaspoons
If you wake up in the morning with puffy eyes that no amount of concealer can hide then you need to try something else! Putting a teaspoon in the fridge for thirty minutes and then gently holding it against your puffy eyes will help to reduce the swelling and cool down tired eyes.
Use a brush, not a sponge
While makeup sponges do help you to apply your makeup well, they also soak a great deal of it up, too. If you find that you’re getting through your foundation or concealer rather quickly, then it might be time to switch to a brush instead. A brush will waste less foundation will help you to apply your makeup more precisely.
So there you have it! They might be a little weird but these six cosmetic life hacks really work! If you need to stock up on a few of the cosmetics listed above you can find them all online at Direct Cosmetics.



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