Beauty spring-clean: Refresh your Cosmetics

2 - Spring clean your makeup

Spring-cleaning is rarely enjoyable, not least when you realise the size of the mountain of cosmetics you’ve accumulated over the past year or so! It can be daunting to sift through every single product in your makeup bag or on your dressing table to work out what you want to keep, what you need to buy more of and what you should probably chuck. We’ve put together a quick guide to help you clear out your makeup bag and refresh your old cosmetics!

What needs to go when

Your makeup and skincare products have expiry dates, too! Once opened, cosmetic products can become exposed to bacteria or may dry up, turn gloopy or begin to separate. Many of your products’ instructions will tell you how many months they can stay open for before they should be thrown away. However, some products won’t show this information. Here are some general guidelines that you should try and stick to:

Your products are more likely to become contaminated quickly by bacteria if they’re kept in a humid environment, so do invest in a makeup bag if you haven’t already!

How to clean and sanitise your products and brushes

Many of the products you find at the bottom of your makeup might simply need a bit of TLC. Brushes can be cleaned using alcohol or soapy water, depending on how dirty they are. It’s best to get into the habit of cleaning your brushes around once a week. You can also clean the surface of old eyeshadows and powders by dabbing a small amount of alcohol onto them using cotton wool. The alcohol will quickly evaporate, leaving your products ready to use once more – and what’s more they’ll be free from bacteria!

What to do with unwanted products

If you’re clearing out your makeup bag and you’re not sure if you can make use of unwanted products, you might find that you can combine them with others or make alternative uses of them. Here are some of our favourite ways of repurposing old cosmetics:

  • Combine glittery eyeshadow with clear nail polish to create your own homemade nail polish.
  • Broken powders can be reformed by pressing them together with a few drops of alcohol.
  • Mix left over foundation with a hint of moisturiser to create your very own tinted moisturiser.
  • Transform your eye pencil into almost-liquid eyeliner by gently heating up the tip (then letting it cool slightly before applying!)

With all that extra space in your makeup bag, you’ll be able to stock up on some brand new products. Take a look at our new arrivals and see if any of our cosmetics take your fancy! For more cosmetic product recommendations and news on the latest makeup trends, don’t forget to explore past entries in our beauty talk blog.

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5 comments on “Beauty spring-clean: Refresh your Cosmetics

  1. kelleemudiva says:

    Good ideas to repurpose unwanted makeup, great post!

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